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We can help Low-Income Families

Misdiagnosed and improperly treated children & Families needlessly suffer from:

  • Family and School Personnel distress
  • Absences from school
  • Missed after-school activities
  • Missed work
  • Anxiety & low self-esteem
  • Secondary skin infections on scalp from excessive itching

Affordable treatment options

We are proud to provide options for low-income families:

✓ Free in-clinic, professional, home treatment guidance and consultation to low-income families

✓ Superior and affordable home-treatment, non-toxic highly effective treatment options

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County / District partnerships

We would like to partner with your County / District to offer:

❖ Negotiated & discounted, in-clinic professional treatment rates

❖ Proven, Centralized Support Model to perform free training, free educational materials, and treatment supplies (premium combs & non-toxic oil (at-cost)).

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