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Looking for something specific?

Can head lice really spread to this little boy in a swimming pool?

Can Head Lice Really Spread in Swimming Pools?

Given the concerns that many people have about how and where lice can be transmitted, during the summer season it’s natural to wonder if head lice can be passed on in a swimming pool environment. As head lice can be incredibly transmissible, it’s important to be aware of the circumstances that facilitate its spread. Although […]

One parent talking to another about head lice.

How to Talk to Other Parents About Head Lice

Having another parent take you aside to talk about your child can be somewhat tricky. As the parent, you feel you know best when it comes to your child.  It can be all the more upsetting if the matter is related to head lice. Parents are often at a loss when informing other parents that […]

Is flat ironing effective in killing lice and nits?

Fact or Myth: Is Flat Ironing Effective in Killing Lice and Nits?

Seeing a bug can really bug a person’s mood, but discovering lice or lice eggs woven into your child’s locks can truly make your skin crawl. It’s an itchy problem that is often hard to scratch at first, which is why parents quickly resort to home remedies to try to get rid of the pesky […]

Washing this load of laundry in the normal wash won't get rid of the lice.

Understanding Why Lice Can’t Be Killed with Normal Washing

Lice are resilient insects that survive most processes humans perform on scalps and hair. A head lice infestation can withstand washing, blow-drying, hair curling, or straightening. One of the reasons is that lice stay close to the scalp, where hot styling tools can’t reach them. Furthermore, plain water and ordinary soap or shampoo will not wash them […]

Super Lice: What Are They and Do They Really Exist?

Super Lice: What Are They and Do They Really Exist?

Lice are small, soft-bodied insects that are generally harmless, but the pesky critters can take hold of one’s head and warrant plenty of fear among children to adults alike. Some parents try to take matters into their own hands—starting out picking lice off one by one, and then resorting to strong over-the-counter insecticides to try […]

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