Looking for something specific?

Looking for something specific?

This boy has post-lice treatment itching from OTC lice shampoo.

Post-Lice Treatment Itching: Is It Normal?

Thinking about creepy crawlies can immediately make people’s skin crawl, so it’s not surprising that the image of head lice can produce the same reaction, firing up the need to scratch what seems like an incurable itch. Speaking of which, many people who try to self-treat their head lice still find their heads are as […]

These boys are happy now that they no longer show any signs of lice.

How to Tell If You Have Lice: 3 Signs to Watch Out For

As a parent, you need to protect your growing child from the many dangers in their environment. This includes preparing them for social activities, such as going to school or playing sports, to more practical safety measures, such as knowing about their allergies. Dangers that can happen to your child include injuries during sports, allergic […]

These women can get head lice if they put their heads together.

How Do Adults Get Head Lice?

While getting head lice is not as common a problem for adults, it still happens. Affected individuals sometimes opt for over the counter treatments to have the lice issue addressed quickly, while others try home remedies that only end in disappointment. With that said, you might be wondering how adults get head lice in the […]

Lice and dandruff can look very similar in this woman's hair.

Lice vs Dandruff: Differences in Symptoms and Treatment

When someone experiences an intense head itch, we often associate it with these two situations: they have lice or dandruff. Both are irritating conditions that can be treated, but they are not the same. The only similarity between lice and dandruff is that they are conditions that happen on a human scalp that gives an […]

The Most Effective Ways to Eliminate Head Lice Completely

When your child starts attending school, there are so many things you have to worry about. You’ll be concerned about whether they’ll make friends, enjoy their activities, or earn good grades. There’s one issue in schools, however, that we never seem to be prepared enough for yet is mercilessly common: a dreaded head lice infestation. […]

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