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Looking for something specific?

Head Lice Prevention: What Methods Work?

Head lice are common among children because they have close contact with others and are curious about their environments. One thing most people don’t know about lice infestations is that lice are normally only spreadable through head-to-head contact, not through jumping off the scalp and scattering. Lice normally die after 24 hours being off of […]

What Parents Need to Understand About Head Lice

If you are a parent of young children, it is all too familiar to hear that lice are spreading amongst your child’s classroom. Although lice are pests, there are misconceptions about how they spread. They can absolutely spread from person to person, but they do not spread the way you think they would. Before panicking, […]

Camps Without Lice – Jacksonville, Orlando, and Savannah Summer Camps

Camps Without Lice Every year our clinics see a spike in head lice cases during the summer which may come as a surprise! Most people assume with kids out of school the chance of catching head lice is much lower but we’ve found that lice infestations can happen just as easily in summer camps. This […]

Mayonnaise will not get rid of this little girl's head lice.

Why Mayonnaise Is Not an Effective Home Remedy for Head Lice

Because of the many home remedies on the Internet that promise to give an affordable way to deal with lice, most parents think that they no longer need to have professionals treat their children. However, you should always evaluate the feasibility and safety of any solution, regardless of how harmless or affordable it may seem. […]

Lice-free family sitting together on a couch.

5 Head Lice Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

Head lice are tiny insects that feed off blood from a human scalp. They are often found in children’s heads and can be easily transferred from one head to the other. While these are facts we know, there are still fabricated stories about head lice. Here are the most common head lice myths and why […]

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