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Do Lice Carry Disease?

The moment you find out your child has lice, it’s natural for a little panic to set in. Where did the lice come from? How did my child get it? How long have they had it? One of the most common questions we receive from concerned parents is, “Do lice carry disease?”. Today, we’re going […]

Does Shaving Your Head Get Rid of Lice?

Whoa there, Mama—let’s not jump to extremes. We know how stressed you are with the breaking news that your kid has lice, but do you really want to shave their head? Children can feel an attachment to their hair, and the moment you shave it off could make the situation worse. If you think shaving […]

How Long Do Lice Live on a Mattress?

Once upon a time, your kid had lice. You went through all the lice treatment steps, and thankfully your kid is now lice free! Another missed day of school just wasn’t in the books. As you’re driving home after a hectic day, it hits you. The mattress. Can lice live on mattresses? Can your kid […]

How to Check for Lice on Your Own Head

If one of your children has lice, it’s important to do a head check on yourself, as well as all the other members of your family, in order to detect lice early and prevent a full-blown infestation. Many people feel a bit apprehensive about checking their head for lice for the first time and are […]

Does Mayonnaise Kill Lice?

After finding out that their child has lice, many parents resort to home remedies to try and kill the lice and prevent an infestation. While we don’t deny that a good home remedy has gotten us out of a jam more than once, lice are the exception. Home remedies can often do more harm than […]

Cases of Super Lice on the Rise Nationwide

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we understand how difficult and stressful it is to discover that your child has lice. However, parents are finding even more cause for concern as they hear about the emergence of treatment-resistant super lice. We’ll let you in on everything you need to know about super lice, and how you […]

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we understand that it can be difficult and trying when your child has lice. Fortunately, we believe that getting rid of head lice can be fast, effective and hassle-free. Our goal is to remove the frustration from lice treatment. For parents in the Florida or Georgia communities that we service […]

How Is Lice Spread?

For parents, hearing that someone in their child’s classroom has lice is often their worst nightmare. In fact, we often receive phone calls from panicked parents unsure of what course of action to take once they find themselves in this situation. Over the course of many years, we’ve realized that a good deal of their […]

Lice: What to Look For

You’ve just received information that one of your child’s friends has head lice, and so you frantically grab the nearest flashlight and rat-tail comb and begin to inspect your child’s head. But then you realize that you are unsure what lice look like. Are the brownish dots you see head lice? Is that flakiness just […]