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How Long Do Lice Live?

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing a head lice infestation, you know full well how difficult it can be to get rid of. You may have tried a number of the creative tricks and home remedies, to varying degrees of success, in your early attempts at evicting these unwanted tenants, and were left […]

How To Remove Lice From Hair Permanently

Head lice is one of the most common occurrences in the United States. About 3 to 12 million infestation cases are reported every year, with cases particularly high in children between the ages of 3-11. It’s also shown to be more common in girls than in boys. This is believed to be because of transmission […]

Does Mayonnaise Kill Lice?

Handling head lice can be a tricky and difficult situation if not handled quickly and/or professionally. The key is treating the individual with head lice before anyone else in the household can be affected.  That being said, it can be tempting to seek out DIY or home remedies for solving the issue before visiting Fresh […]

What Are Different Head Lice Screening Options?

An itch here and a scratch there can seem like nothing at first. But after a while you notice your scratching becomes more frequent. Head lice might not be your first thought, but if you are prone to the condition it might be the cause of your scratching. Head lice are extremely contagious and can […]

How Does Lice Spread

The holiday season provides a great opportunity for us to spend time with family and friends, make new memories, and indulge in good food, but we aren’t the only ones enjoying the festivities. The holidays also provide head lice with the perfect opportunity to find new hosts and spread from family to family. These blood-thirsty […]

How to Check Yourself For Lice

Itchy scalp? It could be head lice. These common parasites cause problems for millions of families across the United States every year. When it comes to finding a host, head lice do not discriminate. As families come together this holiday season, it is important to know how to check for lice. Lice travel quickly from […]

Can You Get Lice In Your Beard?

Having facial hair is something that many men take pride in, but it also comes with a lot of upkeep. When it comes to maintaining a beard, going above and beyond to ensure it’s clean is essential.  This includes watching out for lice. You don’t think about head lice living in areas other than the […]

Which Lice Treatment Option is For You?

Do you have lice? Or have you had lice before and want to stay prepared if it happens again? If so, you should start exploring different lice treatments. Nits, the tiny lice eggs that end up in your hair or on your body, can grow extremely fast. However, they are easy to get rid of […]

What Do Nits Look Like?

Lice are not always easy to find on the scalp and may go unnoticed for a while before other symptoms of infestation start to arise. But if you notice a nit on your scalp or in your hair, what are the next steps? What Are Nits? Nits are lice eggs and are a sign that […]