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Head Lice Advice: Back to School Edition

After a long summer filled with physical activities, cases of head lice can spike. Head lice spread from head-to-head contact, so if your child ever was in close contact and touched heads with someone then lice have a chance to be on their heads. Most people never think much of that interaction and just send […]

Does A Buzz Cut Keep Me From Getting Lice?

When there are lice in your child’s hair it is a natural instinct to remove the hair to make everything better. However, before you buzz their head, you need to know that it has no effect on lice. Even bald-headed people can still struggle with lice at times. Proper treatment is the only way to […]

Four Facts About Lice You Might Not Know

Catching lice is no laughing matter, and it can become very stressful at times. Knowing how to check for lice and knowing facts about lice can be extremely useful. It is important to be aware and educated on how to get rid of lice. The secret is all in the treatment you use. Most treatments […]

Can You Go Swimming After Lice Treatment?

Summertime is a time for relaxation and having fun, and in some situations escaping the heat. Before you go to that pool party you might want to check to see if you have lice, and if you do you might want to wait to jump in that pool. Some chemicals and toxins might help kill […]

Do I Have Lice or Am I Just Paranoid?

Head lice are fairly common, but so are anxiety and paranoia. The brain is very complicated. Even just talking or writing about lice might make your head itchier than it has been all day. There are many signs of lice, and random itches are just one of them. One of the most common mistakes is […]

I Keep Catching Lice. Do I Have An Underlying Issue?

Getting rid of lice can prove to be a struggle at times. No matter how many home treatment methods the lice can still be prominent a few days later. Checking for lice consistently can help prevent the lice from coming back in large quantities. There are several at-home treatments that one could try, but they […]

Regular Scalp Checks are Essential for Staying Lice Free

Regular scalp checks are important. These checks can help prevent lice from being a problem before they can become one. It is important to do frequent scalp checks to ensure you are lice-free. As you or someone else is combing through your hair you might notice an influx of dandruff that you now can get […]

Can You Feel Lice Moving On Your Head?

Lice do not have wings to fly or long limbs to jump. They use their tiny legs to crawl around the head. Head lice can only travel through hair, so there needs to be head-to-head contact for them to transfer from one person to another. Lice are able to crawl around in the scalp faster […]

Truth or Myth: Lice Are More Active in the Summer

Lice always seems to be an annoying problem, especially in the summertime. With summer happening right now, there are a couple of important questions that need answering. “Does heat kill lice?” and “Where do lice come from?” Keep reading to discover the answers to these questions and stay head lice free this Summer.  Does Heat […]