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What Is A Nymph Lice?

When you or someone you know catches a case of head lice, what is the first thing you think about doing? Is it googling a treatment facility? Is it spraying and disinfecting every corner of your house? Is it phoning a friend or family member who you know has dealt with the issue before? Maybe […]

Does Hair Dye Kill Lice?

Head lice infestations are a common problem, especially among school-aged children. However, that doesn’t mean that adults can’t get them either. In fact, they’re just as likely to deal with head lice. Lice are microscopic insects that live on the scalp, causing itching and discomfort. Many people turn to over-the-counter lice treatments to eliminate lice, […]

Head Lice in Adults: How Common Is It?

Having lice as a kid is something that many people have in common. Coming back from summer camp with an itchy scalp or catching lice from a fellow student are some of the most common ways that lice spread among children. Though it may seem like head lice are a problem left in your past, […]

Can Head Lice Live In Hair Extensions?

Everyone’s wished for thicker, longer, or fuller hair at some point in their life. While it’s hard to do naturally, extensions can give you the opportunity to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. They’re made of synthetic or natural human hair, so many people think they’re immune to lice. However, that’s not exactly true.  […]

What Do Parents Need to Know About Super Lice?

When the word “super” is in front of the name of a bug, it automatically makes you know it’s not your average insect. Superbugs, or types of bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. that can’t be resolved with medication, are a major public health hazard because they are hard to treat. As superbugs have evolved, they have […]

How Long Do Lice Live?

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing a head lice infestation, you know full well how difficult it can be to get rid of. You may have tried a number of the creative tricks and home remedies, to varying degrees of success, in your early attempts at evicting these unwanted tenants, and were left […]

How To Remove Lice From Hair Permanently

Head lice is one of the most common occurrences in the United States. About 3 to 12 million infestation cases are reported every year, with cases particularly high in children between the ages of 3-11. It’s also shown to be more common in girls than in boys. This is believed to be because of transmission […]

Does Mayonnaise Kill Lice?

Handling head lice can be a tricky and difficult situation if not handled quickly and/or professionally. The key is treating the individual with head lice before anyone else in the household can be affected.  That being said, it can be tempting to seek out DIY or home remedies for solving the issue before visiting Fresh […]