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Can Chicken Lice Transfer to Humans?

While those of us who live in the city typically don’t worry about it, many people who live just outside of town, either on a farm or near one, have become concerned about whether it’s possible for lice to transfer from chickens to humans. We’ve also seen increased concern over this question as the demand […]

Is It Possible to Get Lice Even While on Lockdown?

While going into, or back into, lockdown over the past few months has caused some level of inconvenience for many people, there are a few good things to come out of it, the most obvious one being everybody’s safety. Some parents undoubtedly rejoiced because it meant one thing for their children: no lice! Unfortunately, lice […]

How to Lower Your Risk of Getting Lice

Playground lice aren’t as harmless as they sound—in fact, they infest between six to twelve million children each year. Head-to-head contact, a common occurrence on playgrounds and in schools, is the number one way that lice get passed from one child to another. Adults typically contract head lice from a child in their household who […]

What Not to Do When Your Kids Get Head Lice

One of the most upsetting things you’ll experience is when you discover that your child has head lice. For most parents, when they find these tiny parasites on their kids, they panic and make rushed decisions. If you’ve just discovered your child has lice, you might be panicking at this very moment. However, there’s no […]

What to Do When Lice Come Back

Head lice are notorious for afflicting preschool and elementary-school children and causing all kinds of discomfort. They primarily cause a tickling sensation of something moving in the hair. However, in worse cases, they cause serious itching and even sores on the scalp. It is for this reason that parents seek various lice removal treatments or […]

Where Do Lice Really Come From?

Lice: For anyone who takes great care of their health and longs to stay as hygienic as possible, the mere idea of this pesky problem can raise goosebumps unlike never before. Whether you’ve heard horror stories from friends or family members who have experienced it, or you’ve had the unpleasant experience of having had it […]

Why Home Remedies for Lice Removal Don’t Work

Some parents don’t immediately seek help from professional lice removal services when their kids get lice. Instead, they try to treat it themselves with home remedies. This often leads to disaster—since these treatments are ineffective, the lice continue to spread and the infestation worsens. So, before you spend the next couple of hours rummaging through […]