Mutant Head Lice in Florida!

It is estimated that 6 to 12 million children in the United States are infected with head lice every year. To make matters worse, there is evidence to suggest that lice may no longer be killed by over-the-counter treatments.

A study presented at the American Chemical Society shows that 25 out of 30 lice samples had resistance genes, including ones from Florida, California, Maine and Minnesota. They are calling these resistant insects, mutant head lice!

WJXT invited our very own, Mandy Ottesen, to speak on mutant lice and what you can do if your child is infected. To watch the full interview, click here!


Lice Infestation Linked to Mysterious Deaths

Here’s a scary story about the possible dangers of lice infestation:

The mystery deaths of hundreds of children in eastern Uttar Pradesh last year was likely caused by a bacterial infection that is transmitted through head lice, an expert group has concluded.

The group of 20-odd experts from India and abroad, which was set up on November 19 last year, submitted its report to the state government last week.

Read more here, and remember that while lice infestations in the US are more likely to be a nuisance and irritant than to cause long-term harm, there are dangers if a lice infestation is unchecked.  Contact us if you have questions about lice removal or lice prevention!

Selfies and Lice

First Coast News Interviews Jacksonville Business Owner, Mandy Ottesen, of Fresh Heads Lice Removal about whether head lice can be transmitted via “selfies”:

Mandy explains that the most efficient ways to keep head lice at bay are to avoid head-to-head contact with other people, to avoid sharing hats, helmets, combs, brushes, and hair accessories. She has seen an increase in lice outbreaks among teens, but does not necessarily attribute that to “selfies.” Can children and teens contact lice by taking a “selfie”? Mandy says, “yes” but it’s not the most likely method of transmittal. View Mandy’s complete interview with First Coast News for more details on how to avoid and prevent head lice.

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