All About the AirAllé Treatment

All About the AirAllé Treatment

Families can experience bouts of lice that can quickly become problematic. Whether kids get it from their friends or are exposed elsewhere, an infestation can then quickly spread to other family members and spiral out of control if not taken care of quickly and correctly. This makes visiting a head lice clinic in Jacksonville, Orlando, or Savannah a necessity when your family is having an outbreak.

Professional lice treatment can save the day through cutting-edge technology like the AirAllé® device that offers quick and effective treatment. The professionals at Fresh Heads Lice Removal are well-trained to use expert application techniques with the AirAllé for seamless removal. Here’s more information about the innovative technology:

The AirAllé Device’s Ease of Use

The AirAllé device is an FDA-cleared device that works by blowing warm, dry air through the applicator tip onto the scalp’s affected areas. It’s somewhat similar to a hairdryer, except the air expelled by the device is cooler and dryer. The AirAllé treatment lasts for about 30 minutes of the 90-minute appointment. The applicator tip helps penetrate beneath the hair’s insulating layer, lifting strands and directing airflow through to the lice and eggs. By doing so, the device tackles the issue of treating lice that are nestled close to the scalp or attached to the hair at the roots.

Safety of Use

Unlike OTC lice shampoos commonly found in grocery stores that rely on pesticides and harsh chemicals, the AirAllé is all-natural and does not use any chemicals. It only uses warm air at the right temperature and low-humidity. It’s highly effective because it completely dehydrates both the adult lice and lice eggs in one treatment.

How Successful Is the AirAllé Device?

Throughout the US, the AirAllé device has completed more than 700,000 treatments and is now known as the modern way to treat lice infestations. It’s the safest option for children, as this method is free of any harmful chemicals. It’s also painless, non-messy, and doesn’t take long—the perfect treatment for little ones.

Science-Backed Treatment

The AirAllé device was developed through years of science to find the most effective way to treat lice infestations in children and adults. The AirAllé’s safety and effectiveness put it at the top of its class, making it the method of choice for most families struggling with infestations. This is why Fresh Heads Lice Removal Clinics has chosen to be an exclusive provider of the AirAllé treatment.

Head Lice Clinics in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Savannah

Head lice infestations are incredibly inconvenient to deal with, because they’re invasive and can quickly spread throughout family members. Fortunately, Fresh Heads Lice Removal provides professional head lice removal in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Savannah. Our signature AirAllé treatment is an efficient and non-toxic free way to solve the issue. Solving a head lice problem is a daunting task, but with the help of our head lice clinics, the issue can be solved immediately and with peace of mind. Book your appointment today.


Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

Our mission at Fresh Heads Lice Removal is to eradicate lice from schools across the US. We’re partnering with the Lice Clinics of America to create a Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free resources, screenings, and treatments. If we work together, we can have schools without lice!

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