Can Head Lice Transmit Disease?

Can Head Lice Transmit Disease?

It’s common for parents to become concerned when they learn that their child has head lice. But beyond being a huge nuisance, can head lice transmit disease or pose a health risk? Rest assured, the CDC says there are no reliable data to suggest that head lice carry or transmit disease organisms.

However, DNA technology has shown that head lice are the same species as the body louse which has long been associated with diseases such as typhus and relapsing fever. While this may suggest that it is possible for head lice to carry diseases, no cases have been reported. Here are some other important myth-busting facts to know about head lice treatment.

Myth: Swimming in the Pool Will Kill Head Lice.

Fact: Swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub will not kill head lice, unfortunately. Lice are very hearty pests that can survive in water and resist most chemicals, including chlorine. Since they are firmly attached to the hair, it will also have no impact on killing the nits or eggs.

Myth: Home Remedies are Effective in Treating Head Lice.

Fact: This myth is untrue and potentially unsafe. Home remedies that involve wrapping the head with substances like olive oil, butter or coconut oil in attempt to “smother” lice are not effective. They may even lead to injury and suffocation in small children. More alarming is the myth that hazardous substances such as gasoline or kerosene can kill lice. These substances are highly toxic and flammable and should never be used on a person.

Myth: Over-the-Counter Products are the Best Solution.

Fact: Not true. Research has clearly shown that pesticide-based head lice treatments are hazardous to your health and ineffective. Most contain dangerous synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids. The two most commonly found in OTC lice treatment products are permethrin and lindane. These chemicals have been proven to be toxic and have alarming side effects such as allergic reactions, wheezing, skin burning and behavioral problems.

AirAllé at Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers

Treating head lice safely, quickly and effectively is what every parent wants. With Fresh Heads’ signature AirAllé treatment, it’s possible. AirAllé is FDA-cleared and proven to be safe and effective at killing and removing lice and their eggs. Our rate of efficacy is 99.2%— far higher than that of over-the-counter head lice treatments. We can treat your child’s head lice in as little as one hour and back it with a 45-day retreatment policy. Call one of our locations today to learn more.

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