Head Lice Take No Holidays!

It’s the time of year when families are making plans to host holiday guests or to be holiday guests.  So what does that have to do with head lice?  Let’s just say that they are often exported or imported by unsuspecting relatives and neighbors.  Families often struggle with infestation after infestation of head lice.  Instead of letting a lousy little bug spoil holiday plans, be proactive.

If you are the visitors to another household, part of your travel preparation should include head checks of your family members.  This will ensure that you are not carrying extra “gifts” to someone else’s home.  Be sure to pack your own brushes, combs, as well as other hair accessories so that you do not have to borrow items belonging to your host family.  For overnights, bring your own pillows.  When the celebrating is over and you are back at home, check heads for crawling lice.  A week later, check heads for nits.

If you are the hosts and hostesses for holiday visitors, it’s a good idea to do head checks prior to your guests’ arrivals.  Have spare combs and brushes available in case your guests forget to bring them.  Sharing items will not be necessary.  After your visitors leave, check your family members’ heads for crawling lice.  Nits should be checked for a week later.

Whether you are the visitor or the visited, know the symptoms of a head lice infestation.  Itching, a tickling feeling of movement on the head, head sores, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and the appearance of lice eggs, or nits, on hair shafts are all indications that head checks and possible treatments are necessary.  If the signs of head lice are threatening to turn your holiday season into havoc, the professionals at Fresh Heads are ready with products and treatments to get rid of that hum-bug.