These women can get head lice if they put their heads together.

How Do Adults Get Head Lice?

While getting head lice is not as common a problem for adults, it still happens. Affected individuals sometimes opt for over the counter treatments to have the lice issue addressed quickly, while others try home remedies that only end in disappointment.

With that said, you might be wondering how adults get head lice in the first place. Unfortunately, there is more than one source, but you can take preventative action to keep yourself safe by knowing where they can come from. Here are a few places an adult can contract head lice:

1. Home

While this might sound surprising, the home is one of the most common places to get head lice, especially among families. That is because children are prone to get it, and the lice can then move on to the parents or anyone else living under the same roof.

Head lice can attack more than one individual in a household at a time, but it can difficult to contain the spread since the symptoms may take a few days to manifest.

If you have kids at home with you, checking their heads regularly is the best way to see whether they have head lice or not.

2. Gym Classes

While head-to-head contact is not that common while working out on gym equipment, performing certain gym class activities can involve holding onto a partner (such as during stretching or exercising) and can create a situation that can spread head lice. As such, avoid putting your head together with your gym partner!

3. Crowded Areas

Remember, head lice are spread when one person’s scalp comes into contact with another’s, which can happen more frequently in crowded areas. Sitting shoulder to shoulder on a packed church pew, or on a bench in an amusement park can bring you into close contact with another individual who may have the condition. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do when you are in these places other than trying to avoid getting your head in direct contact with another’s.

4. Barbershops

While the chances of contracting head lice from a visit to a barbershop or salon are quite small, it’s still a possibility. However, the likelihood does increase if the establishment is not well-maintained. If the hairdressers and technicians do not check their equipment between clients, head lice can hang around on the tools long enough to be moved from one client to the next. To keep yourself as safe as possible, always opt for barbershops and salons that you trust and know are professional!!

5. Home Rentals or Hotels

Also highly unlikely, but still a possibility, you can get lice from your overnight stay at a hotel or home rental. This can happen in a situation where there is poor enforcement of cleanliness and fast turnover between clients. As long as the rooms are properly cleaned between guests, getting head lice shouldn’t be an issue. But since we’ve all seen hotels or rentals with poor reviews for cleanliness, so it might not hurt to inspect your pillowcase before you lay down.

Avoid Getting Exposed to Head Lice!

Remember, the #1 way to get head lice is through head-to-head contact. To ensure you minimize your risk of getting into contact with head lice, be proactive! Take the time to check your children’s hair for lice and be sure to avoid head-to-head contact with other individuals.

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Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

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