Does the Weather Temperature Affect Lice?

Does the Weather Temperature Affect Lice?

As the seasons change and your kids go back to school, there is always the concern of lice spreading. You may be hoping or have heard that in the winter months, lice are less commonly spread. The truth is, there are no dormant months for lice and lice spread all year long. As long as the person, or host, they are attaching to has a body temperature of 98.6 degrees, they are alive and happy. 

Do Freezing Lice and Head Lice Eggs Work?

While the weather temperature gets cold outside in the winter months, and even freezing or below freezing for some states, it will not kill the lice or lice eggs. Lice can be killed by freezing them, but it would have to be constant freezing temperatures for up to several days. The human body cannot survive that long in freezing temperatures, and nor is it necessary to do that in order to kill lice. 

Weather Temperature and Lice

The weather temperature and lice have little to no relationship with each other. Cold or hot weather does not affect lice or head lice eggs. It will not prevent the spreading or kill the lice. In order to kill the lice by using heat, the weather needs to be 130 degrees and just like with freezing lice, it is not necessary in order to effectively kill the lice. The only way to effectively kill the lice and stop the spreading is to make an appointment at a lice clinic. 

Body Temperature and Lice

Lice can survive in any weather temperature as long as the body temperature of their host is around 98.6 degrees. If a louse detaches from the host, it can live around 24 to 48 hours before they die. Nits, or lice eggs, can stay alive off the host for up to 10 days however lice nits will not hatch at or below room temperature. 

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Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

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