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Will Head Lice Go Away on Its Own?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a staggering 6-10 million people each year contract head lice. It’s an all too common problem that can take weeks or months to get rid of. Some people hope against the odds that it will eventually go away on its own. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The good news is, it doesn’t take toxic chemical treatments to do the trick. A highly effective pesticide-free head lice treatment is the most sought-after lice treatment on the market right now.

Why Head Lice Won’t Go Away on Its Own

Head lice will not go away on its own when they have what they need to survive. Head lice, scientifically known as Pediculus humanus capitis, are parasites. They completely depend on human blood and the shelter provided by human hair to survive. As long as they have that food and shelter, they are able to stay alive.

Head Lice Multiplication

Head lice won’t eventually die off on their own. And, in fact, they multiply very rapidly when left alone. This means that the longer you avoid treatment, the bigger the problem will be. A female louse can live for up to 45 days on the human scalp, laying about 50 eggs per week. Those eggs take about a week to hatch, continuing the vicious cycle. A child left untreated for 5 weeks can have up to 4,000 live lice and 100,000 nits.

Chemical Treatments vs. Pesticide-Free Head Lice Treatments

The most critical step in eliminating a head lice infestation is using an effective lice treatment. Over-the-counter lice shampoos dominated the market for decades, but are finally losing popularity. Lice have become resistant to these toxic chemicals, and the products are no longer very effective.

Many of these OTC products contain ingredients called pyrethroids. These are the same synthetic chemicals found in many pesticides. The most common ingredient, permethrin, has been shown to be carcinogenic. It has other health hazards, including allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness, hyperactivity and seizures.

Fortunately, the most effective way to kill head lice is with a pesticide-free head lice treatment called AirAllé. Instead of chemicals, this FDA-cleared device uses heated air to dehydrate and destroy lice and their eggs. This treatment has been clinically shown to be 99.2% effective, while OTC products containing permethrin are only 45% effective at best.

Pesticide-Free Lice Treatment in Jacksonville, Orlando and Savannah

So while head lice won’t go away on its own, there’s no need to despair. In a painless one-hour session, Fresh Heads can solve your lice problem. One of our technicians will treat the entire scalp with warm air from the device. That is followed by a traditional comb-out to remove the dehydrated eggs and a pleasant post-rinse application. Visit our Facts & FAQs page to learn more about head lice and the most effective ways to treat it.

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