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How to Check for Lice

Most parents are less than thrilled with the thought of checking their child for head lice. But when you suspect your child has lice, check you must. Whether you notice symptoms or get the infamous school letter, you want to check for lice as soon as possible.

Head lice spread rapidly. The earlier you spot a case, the easier it is to treat. If you do confirm an infestation on your child, you’ll need to check the whole family. It’s important to confirm an infestation before undergoing any treatment. The following tips will help you check for lice at home. You can also visit our Jacksonville, Savannah, or Orlando head lice treatment centers for a thorough, professional check.

Note if your child has any signs or symptoms of head lice.

  • Itching of the scalp, especially on the neck or behind the ears
  • Tickling feeling on the scalp
  • Feeling that something is moving in his or her hair
  • Sores on head from scratching
  • Trouble sleeping due to itching (head lice are more active in the dark)

What you need to check for lice.

  • Bright lighting or a flashlight
  • Lice comb (you can purchase one at a head lice treatment center)
  • Magnifying glass
  • Plastic bowl

How to check for head lice on dry hair.

  • Start checking your child’s scalp by parting the hair in multiple places. Look especially closely at the nape of the neck and behind the ears.
  • Check for any movement in the hair, especially when shining a light on it.
  • Look for lice and their nits (eggs). Lice are the size of sesame seeds and white to grayish in color. Nits are tiny and hard to spot. They are white or beige in color and feel like a grain of sand.
  • Nits can be hard to distinguish from dandruff. The biggest difference is that dandruff will easily brush off. Nits are glued to the hair shaft and harder to remove. A head lice treatment center like Fresh Heads can confirm if what you’re seeing is live nits or just dandruff.

How to check for head lice on wet hair.

  • Some people find it easier to identify lice at home on wet hair.
  • Wet your child’s hair.
  • Apply a liberal amount of conditioner.
  • Use a lice comb to go through your child’s hair in sections, from roots to ends.
  • Look for nits to be caught in the comb’s teeth. You can also tap the comb into a plastic bowl to try to spot them.

If you’ve found an active case of lice, it’s time to check the whole family. Anyone who has any signs of head lice in the house will need to be treated. If you are still not sure after checking at home, visit a head lice treatment center for a professional check.

With locations in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Orlando, and Savannah, Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers offer thorough head checks for the entire family. And if treatment is required, the fee will be waived. Fresh Heads offers several options, including the AirAllé treatment. AirAllé is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively treat lice—without any chemicals. Call Fresh Heads at (407) 326-0560 to schedule your child’s head lice check or lice treatment.

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Talking to Other Parents About Lice

Head lice is a topic of discussion that most parents would rather avoid, but is a necessary one. Good communication is key to preventing lice outbreaks among family, friends, and classmates. When you’re informed that there’s an active case of head lice at school, you can take the steps suggested by your health care provider or local lice treatment center to help prevent head lice in your home.

It’s best for parents to talk about head lice before a case is present. This way, you can have a specific plan of attack and you’ll be prepared if an outbreak should occur. It’s also good to have this discussion before anyone has head lice. This helps keep a neutral tone in the discussion and avoid the high emotions that tend to come with lice. What’s in a plan? It could include a recommended method for checking for head lice, ways to prevent head lice, how to contain head lice and keep it from spreading and a list of resources including the nearest lice treatment center.

Unfortunately, there is still a strong stigma about head lice. Continuing to avoid the topic only makes matters worse. If another parent is brave enough to come to you and tell you that their child has head lice, be thankful and do what you can to alleviate their embarrassment. Let them know that it’s not a big deal. It’s true, treating head lice can be a big inconvenience. But with good communication between parents, everyone can take the proper steps to help prevent head lice in their home.

On the other side of the token, if your child has head lice, be sure to let other parents and teachers know. Don’t let embarrassment keep you from informing others.  It’s important to remember that it’s nothing you did and your child is not “dirty”. They simply caught lice from another child, much like colds get passed around among friends. Keep the facts in mind—lice are not dangerous, lice have nothing to do with hygiene, and lice don’t fly or live on animals. Follow your plan and get your child treated right away. You’ll also want to check the entire family to keep the lice from spreading.

To treat your child’s head lice safely and effectively, you can trust Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center. We offer a variety of services including family head checks, traditional comb-outs and our signature AirAllé treatment that kills lice and their eggs without harsh chemicals. For more information on our products and services, visit our services page.

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Dangerous Home Remedies for Head Lice

When looking for ways to treat head lice, some parents turn to home remedies that they’ve heard from a friend or read on the internet. Sure, some seem pretty harmless—like olive oil or certain essential oils. But some of the head lice treatment suggestions out there are downright dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

DON’T use flammable substances to treat head lice.

One of the most hazardous home remedies you can find online calls for using kerosene or gasoline to kill head lice. Children have been severely burned and disfigured when hair that has been soaked in these flammable substances has caught on fire. As the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly states, “Highly flammable substances, such as gasoline or kerosene, or products intended for animal use, are never appropriate in treatment of head lice in humans.”

Be cautious with “natural” remedies.

While more natural home remedies for head lice treatment seem benign at first glance, they can also pose a terrible risk. Using oils like mayonnaise and olive oil in an attempt to suffocate head lice usually involves wrapping the child’s head with some type of plastic wrap or bag. Unfortunately, this can result in accidental suffocation.

The use of essential oils like tee tree oil may also be toxic if not used properly. Poison.org says that tee tree oil can be poisonous when ingested, and it should not be used around the mouth or nose. If a child accidentally swallowed a small amount of tee tree oil, the results could be tragic.

DON’T use pesticides.

Another dangerous remedy that has been used to attempt to treat head lice at home is the use of pesticides. Whether they are pesticides designed for insects or actually designed to treat human head lice, they should never be used. Some of the ingredients in these pesticide treatments, such as lindane, are extremely toxic and have been shown to cause headaches, cancer, seizures and even death.

Safe Options

Before you throw in the towel, there are safe head lice treatment options out there that work! One of the most effective treatments is called AirAllé. It’s a device that uses warm air to dehydrate and kill head lice, and it has been clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99% of their eggs. The treatment lasts about an hour and it has been cleared by the FDA. It’s safe and gentle enough to treat small children.

It’s never a good idea to use toxic and potentially hazardous methods to treat children for head lice. For more information about the completely safe and effective AirAllé head lice treatment, visit our Facts and FAQ page

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4 Reasons Your Child’s Lice Won’t Go Away

Dealing with head lice that just won’t budge? According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, 6-12 million people a year battle head lice. It can be a persistent problem that causes stress and lost time at school and work. It can also become quite costly when multiple treatments are required. If the treatments you’re using haven’t been successful, a visit to a lice removal salon like Fresh Heads can help. But first, here are 4 reasons your head lice problem isn’t going away.

  1. Over the counter treatments don’t work.

The chemical treatments found at drug stores are not only toxic, but they’ve also become ineffective. Most strains of head lice have become resistant to Pyrethroids—the active ingredient found in over the counter lice removal products.

  1. You’re missing some of the nits.

Nitpicking is the process of combing out live lice and then removing each and every egg, or nit. Many lice removal salons offer this service because it’s so tedious for parents to do on their own. The nits can be difficult to spot due to their size, so it’s a hard task to accomplish. If even one tiny nit gets left behind, your infestation can start all over again.

  1. You didn’t check everyone in the house.

All too often, parents assume that only the child who contracted head lice needs to be treated. That’s unlikely, because head lice spread rapidly from head to head contact. It’s very common for the entire family to contract head lice, including parents. That’s why it’s important for everyone in the house to be checked and treated as necessary.

  1. Home remedies don’t work.

Many people search online for home remedies, which are not effective and some are downright dangerous. You’ll find remedies that include olive oil, mayonnaise, petroleum jelly and even kerosene. Methods typically involve covering your child’s head with any of these substances and covering with plastic wrap, which is extremely hazardous.

Now that you know what you’ve been doing wrong, what’s the right answer to getting rid of head lice? It’s an FDA-cleared device called AirAllé that is clinically proven to kill lice and 99.2% of nits in a single session. This process uses heated air to dehydrate and kill lice and their eggs—an amazing approach that avoids the risks and hassles of traditional treatments. You can find the AirAllé treatment at Fresh Heads, a lice removal salon serving the Jacksonville and Orlando areas. Call them today to schedule an appointment.

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Single Treatment Head Lice Establishments for Busy Parents

The hot Florida summer is approaching, and head lice tend to thrive in this type of climate. And since no one wants to spend their summer days combing lice and their nits/eggs out of their child’s hair, many parents in Jacksonville and Orlando are turning to head lice removal companies that offer relief in a single treatment. That way they and their kids can get back to enjoying the summer.

These professional lice removal companies—or so-called “lice doctors”— are an attractive alternative for busy parents who are wary of the harmful and time-consuming treatments of the past. Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers are brick mortar companies that provide on-site provide natural lice treatments in just one session with the use of the FDA-cleared AirAllé device.

Not only has there been increasing evidence of the hazards of chemical head lice remedies, they’ve also been shown to be less effective than they once were. It’s no wonder the Fresh Heads AirAllé treatment has become THE way to treat head lice. It is a one-time, chemical-free treatment that is completed in a soothing, three-step process:

  1. A pleasant 30-minute heated air treatment with the AirAllé device, which immediately
    dehydrates lice.
  2. A full comb-out to remove all dead lice and nits/eggs.
  3. A soothing topical rinse application.

One of the most appealing features of this head lice treatment is that it can be completed in about an hour, so families can get back to having fun ASAP. Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers also offer a variety of all-natural products that parents can feel good about using to help their children steer clear of head lice this summer.

If you find yourself dealing with a lice infestation or are looking for products that prevent head lice, stop by Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center in Jacksonville or Winter Park. We offer a science and research based lice treatment that is effective and chemical-free!

As Seen on The Doctors!

The treatment for super lice was revealed on Sept 21, 2016 on the popular TV show “The Doctors”. Watch and see how Lice Clinics of America’s highly effective 3-step process, including the only FDA-cleared medical device, dehydrates lice and their eggs in a single treatment.

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Head Lice Do’s & Don’ts

Are you dealing with a case of head lice? The whole situation can be overwhelming, but it’s important to find an effective solution and tackle a head lice infestation quickly so that you and your family can get on with your lives!

With so much information out there, it’s hard to know what the best solution for getting rid of head lice is. A good treatment for head lice should effectively kill the lice and their nits without exposing your children to toxic pesticides and other chemicals. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow if your family gets stuck with the pesky critters.

DO check everyone in the home for head lice. And when you’re done, re-check. Use a good nit comb that will separate strands of hair easily.

DO find an effective and safe head lice treatment, and call a professional treatment center like Fresh Heads. The commonly used pesticide treatments of the past are no longer very effective, and they can be harmful. There are many non-toxic, all natural products available to both prevent and treat head lice.

DO use dry heated air to treat lice. Head lice and their nits can’t survive in hot, dry air. The FDA-cleared AirAllé device uses this technology to safely, quickly and effectively kill head lice. Clothing and linens can be placed in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes to kill lice and nits.

DO treat the entire house. Even if you don’t think other household members are infested, chances are they have been exposed. To reduce the risk of another outbreak, it is strongly suggested that all family members undergo treatment for head lice.

DO notify others who have been in contact with an infested person. This is an important step in cutting down on the spread of head lice.

DON’T panic. In order to keep your peace of mind, it’s important to try to stay calm. Head lice can cause a great deal of anxiety for children, so treating the situation calmly will help the entire family.

DON’T wait to treat head lice. Some parents may wait until their child is experiencing symptoms of head lice. The problem is that it can take several days for symptoms to appear, and then you already have an infestation that has probably spread throughout the home.

DON’T use chemical treatments containing ingredients such as Permethrin. These chemicals are extremely toxic, and most strains of head lice have become resistant to these treatments.

DON’T send a child with head lice to school. Most schools have a no-nit policy, and it’s important that they complete an effective treatment before returning to school. This will help cut down on the spread of head lice.

While a head lice infestation is a stressful thing to deal with, following these do’s and don’ts can help you keep your sanity! Call Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers to help you find the most safe and effective treatment plan for your family.

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5 Steps to Take When You Discover Head Lice

Have you discovered a case of head lice in your home and you don’t know where to begin? Your first inclination may be to panic and go on a deep-cleaning frenzy! Try to keep calm. There are some fairly straightforward steps you can take towards an effective head lice treatment that lasts, and keep your sanity while you’re at it.

1. Don’t panic. While they are most certainly a nuisance and can be a bit uncomfortable, head lice do not cause harm or carry any diseases.

2. Check everyone’s head in your household. Comb through each person’s hair carefully. If one person has head lice, chances are others in the family do too. And it’s much more sensible to treat everyone at the same time. Lice spreads most commonly from head to head contact and by shared objects such as hats, brushes, pillows and blankets.

3. Decide on a treatment plan. There are many options on the market. For quick and effective head lice treatment in Jacksonville or Orlando, you can contact a treatment center such as Fresh Heads. Aside from traditional comb-outs, they offer an FDA-approved heated air treatment called AirAllé and a line of non-toxic DIY products if you prefer to go it alone.

4. Do some housecleaning. It doesn’t take a monumental effort like you may have feared. Most importantly, you’ll want to clean all clothing and bedding that’s been used in the last 48-hours with hot water and throw it in the dryer at high heat. The same goes for any stuffed animals or other fabric items. Vacuuming sofas, mattresses and carpets that have been recently used by those infested is also a good idea. Soak combs, brushes and other hair items in hot water overnight.

5. Notify friends and your child’s school. It might seem embarrassing, but don’t let it be. Head lice is an equal-opportunity pest, and not a sign of uncleanliness. It’s important to notify others to reduce the chances of a re-infestation.

If you’re ready to schedule effective head lice treatment in Jacksonville for you and your family, call Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center today. Their FDA approved AirAllé Head Lice Machine is a science-based, chemical-free, effective lice treatment that comes with a 45-day guarantee!

Are Drug-Resistant Lice Headed Your Way?

Head lice are a fact of life for parents of school-aged children. With 6 to 12 million children infested each year, it’s hard to make it through elementary school without a bout with the pesky parasites. Traditionally, over-the-counter treatments were enough to get rid of the problem. However, U.S. investigators are now warning that drug-resistant lice could be coming to a school near you!

As mentioned above, head lice are a very common occurrence for school-aged children and their families. Unable to fly or jump like fleas, head lice are transmitted via direct contact. After contact, they are quick to infest the head, feeding on blood and laying their eggs at the base of hair shaft. While they do not transmit disease, they cause extreme discomfort. Until recently, there were simple topical treatments that, when combined with thoroughly cleaning your clothes, carpet, bedding, and furniture, could reliably eliminate the infestation. Those days could be numbered…

In at least 25 states, including Florida, analysts have found head lice populations that don’t respond to common, over-the-counter treatments. In one study, 104 out of 109 lice populations tested had a 100 resistance to permethrin, the most common pesticide found in over-the-counter treatments.

The cause of the resistance is a tale as old as time. After stronger pesticides were taken off the market, lice populations had generation after generation to develop a genetic resistance to the only one left, permethrin.

The good news is that there are other treatments available. There are more intense pesticides that can be effective, but many parents are wary of using such strong chemicals on their children.

At Fresh Heads, we use a revolutionary new treatment called AirAlletm that uses only hot air to kill lice and their eggs. That’s right – there is an effective, science-based, pesticide-free way to kill head lice and their eggs at all stages of life!

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is a science-based head lice removal company. Our highly trained technicians are skilled at getting rid of lice in one treatment session using the Revolutionary AirAlletm Head Lice Machine. We are the only single-treatment professional head lice removal company serving Jacksonville, Orlando, and surrounding areas that offers a 45-day guarantee. If you think you might be experiencing a head lice issue in your household, call us today! A Fresh Heads Technician will carefully inspect every hair on the heads in question.

Head Lice Take No Holidays!

It’s the time of year when families are making plans to host holiday guests or to be holiday guests.  So what does that have to do with head lice?  Let’s just say that they are often exported or imported by unsuspecting relatives and neighbors.  Families often struggle with infestation after infestation of head lice.  Instead of letting a lousy little bug spoil holiday plans, be proactive.

If you are the visitors to another household, part of your travel preparation should include head checks of your family members.  This will ensure that you are not carrying extra “gifts” to someone else’s home.  Be sure to pack your own brushes, combs, as well as other hair accessories so that you do not have to borrow items belonging to your host family.  For overnights, bring your own pillows.  When the celebrating is over and you are back at home, check heads for crawling lice.  A week later, check heads for nits.

If you are the hosts and hostesses for holiday visitors, it’s a good idea to do head checks prior to your guests’ arrivals.  Have spare combs and brushes available in case your guests forget to bring them.  Sharing items will not be necessary.  After your visitors leave, check your family members’ heads for crawling lice.  Nits should be checked for a week later.

Whether you are the visitor or the visited, know the symptoms of a head lice infestation.  Itching, a tickling feeling of movement on the head, head sores, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and the appearance of lice eggs, or nits, on hair shafts are all indications that head checks and possible treatments are necessary.  If the signs of head lice are threatening to turn your holiday season into havoc, the professionals at Fresh Heads are ready with products and treatments to get rid of that hum-bug.