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Keep Lice Out of Your Summer Plans!

Ahhh – summer vacation is finally here – no school, no studies, no carpools! What a relief; so why has my summer been hijacked by an outbreak of head lice? Yikes! Surprisingly, summer is actually the busiest time of year for lice outbreaks because children are closer in contact than they are while they are […]

First Of A Kind Salon Treats Head Lice

Kids miss days from school because of head lice. This is a unique process guaranteed to get your kids back in school the next day. Mandy Ottesen is a “unique exterminator”. Her target: head lice. She opened Fresh Heads, a head lice treatment center for families who have had enough. “People who call us have […]

Head Lice Outbreak Hits Northeast Florida

Spreading across our area in record numbers is a problem so small you can barely see it. Head lice. Experts say Northeast Florida is having one of its biggest outbreaks to date with some of the hardest hit areas being the Beaches and San Marco. “From Ponte Vedra to Atlantic Beach and everywhere in between, […]

“Yahoo Health” Features The LouseBuster™ As Effective Treatment Against “Super Lice”

It’s enough to make your skin crawl: If head lice weren’t scary enough, 60 percent of the itchy pests are now resistant to one or more common treatments, according to a new study published in New England Journal of Medicine. More alarming still, the researchers report that in some states-—including Texas, California, and Florida—100 percent […]

Why Is Head Lice So Hard???

Oh, head lice. You are so small! And yet you have driven us crazy for thousands of years. Why is head lice so hard to get rid of? When I was a kid, our parents slathered our hair ONCE with an over the counter pesticide and that was it! At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we […]

Holy Outbreaks!

Yes, its true. We are very busy at Fresh Heads. Last week we did more treatments than we sometimes do in a month. And while we specialize in amazing head lice treatments, we also offer hope for the do it yourself-er. Is that you??? Most parents, facing a head lice problem will run straight to […]

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!  Today, we dressed up as lice killers!  9 treatments today, so actually I’m not kidding at all.  I just always knew I’d be a lice killer when I grew up!  Ahhhh, anyway.  People are so often surprised to hear that lice really is a year-round problem, worldwide.  It really doesn’t matter what part […]