Avoid Catching Lice During the Spring Sports Season.

Avoid Catching Lice During the Spring Sports Season

Spring is in the air, sports are getting started, and kids are getting ready to put on their helmets. Helmets and hats are easy ways for lice to spread quickly, but it doesn’t stop there. Once one child on a team has lice, they quickly spread to the rest of the members of the team. So it is essential to do everything possible to help our children to avoid catching lice in the first place. By paying attention to a few details, we can put an end to lice outbreaks.

Use Your Own Helmets and Hats

During the spring, baseball, softball, and tee-ball are all in full swing. It doesn’t matter if your child is playing in the outfield or pitching up a storm; they will be wearing a hat or a helmet. Lice are surprisingly resilient and can survive for around two days on different surfaces. If there is a child on the team with head lice, sharing their equipment could easily cause others to catch lice. The best way to avoid this is by simply not using helmets and hats used by teammates.

Don’t Share Brushes

When your child is getting ready for a game, it is common to get ready with the other kids. That means getting into uniform, looking over plays, and for female athletes, putting their hair up. Sharing brushes is one of the most common ways that head lice can be spread. Avoid catching lice this spring by making sure that you bring your combs, brushes, and barrettes.

Pay Attention in Huddles

At the beginning of a game, after a break in the action, or during a substitution, huddles are everywhere in sports. Your children could be rubbing their heads against each other unknowingly catching lice. As soon as their heads touch, lice spread from player to player. It isn’t practical to avoid huddles all together in sports, but you can warn your kids to avoid catching lice by not making head-to-head contact.

Bring a Fully-Stocked Duffle Bag on Team Trips

Away games are always exciting for children taking a trip with their friends. These experiences are amazing, and we want to make sure that they are enjoying their trip and their game. However, it will be hard for your child to enjoy anything if they have itchy head lice. The best way to avoid catching lice is to ensure that your child is using their own clothes, towels, hats, and pillows while on a team trip.

Keep Everything Clean

Being safe is better than being sorry. Even if there has not been a lice outbreak on your child’s team, it is important to keep their items clean. Take extra care to make sure that their sheets, pillowcases, combs, and everything else are clean. There may be no need to worry, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Fast, Safe, and Effective Lice Treatment

Even after following every step closely, some children will still catch head lice. It’s hard to avoid for adults and even harder for children. If your child does have lice, come down to Fresh Heads, and for our safe and effective head lice treatment.

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