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Can head lice jump?

Everyone has probably asked the common question: “Can head lice jump?” Whether you are worried about catching head lice or a parent fretting that your kids might get an infestation from a schoolmate. Let’s put these concerns to rest through facts – and know when powerful lice removal is necessary.

Head Lice Contact

No, head lice do not jump from one person to another. Instead, they spread from head to head contact – this is the primary way lice spread to new hosts. So, these include vectors such as kids playing with lice-infested children, or an adult dozing off in a bus and brushing against someone else with head lice.

Contracting Lice from Objects

Wearing hats and clothing used by people who have lice is relatively low-risk.  According to the CDC, it’s uncommon to catch lice by wearing clothing, hats and other attire worn by someone with an infestation. The same goes for combs, brushes, and towels. Even beds, carpets, pillows and couches are also low-risk. It is best not to share such items, but it is not a major risk. These items can be disinfected to eliminate all risk. Combs and brushes can be soaked in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Clothing can also be machine washed with hot water and high heat drying cycle.

Popular Myths

Jumping head lice is a common myth. The very anatomy of head lice is optimized for crawling and sticking to hair, not leaping around and lunging over great distances like grasshoppers. So, in short:

  • Lice need to travel from one person’s hair to another.
  • They don’t care if someone’s hair is long or short, clean or dirty – It’s all fair game.
  • You cannot catch lice from animals.
  • When head lice detached from the hair and scalp, they can only live for up to 24 hours before they die.
  • Lice and their eggs can withstand strong dye treatments.
  • Home remedies may not be the most powerful lice removal methods or the most effective.

Hopefully, this information will help lessen unnecessary fears and help guide you towards more accurate assessments based on actual facts. After all, mistaken conclusions might lead to unnecessary treatments – which cost money and can result in unneeded exposure to powerful chemicals or medication. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of children. When in doubt, consult a lice professional.

When Powerful Lice Removal is Necessary  

If you suspect you have an infestation or worried about someone you care for, then contact Fresh Heads Lice Removal. We have various powerful lice removal methods, which are highly effective yet don’t depend on potentially toxic chemicals. We guarantee a thorough job in detecting and eliminating the parasites. Schedule an appointment today so we can get your scalp and hair cleaned up in no time!

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