Does A Buzz Cut Keep Me From Getting Lice?

Does A Buzz Cut Keep Me From Getting Lice?

When there are lice in your child’s hair it is a natural instinct to remove the hair to make everything better. However, before you buzz their head, you need to know that it has no effect on lice. Even bald-headed people can still struggle with lice at times. Proper treatment is the only way to get rid of the lice and their eggs. 

Hair Length

The length of a person’s hair does not affect if lice can attach to a person or not. Head lice only care about one thing and that is blood from the scalp. This is a reason why a hair buzz wouldn’t work. As long as there are a few strands of hair the lice can lay their eggs. The logic of more hair equals more territory for the lice, does not apply because they only need about a quarter inch off of the scalp. There is one benefit to having a buzz cut, due to lack of hair, the lice will be more visible and not last long with the proper treatment. A bald head is not a suitable environment for them, so they usually die off or leave. In addition to length, lice also do not care if your hair is dirty or clean. If anything they would prefer it clean because it would be easier to latch onto the scalp.


As you now know that a buzz cut isn’t the way to get rid of lice, here are some other methods to go over. Over-the-counter products are not effective and can be harmful for your hair and scalp. One beneficial method is the “comb out” method. This method is more effective, but is extremely tedious and can be messed up easily. The best lice treatment method is the Fresh Heads patented AirAlle treatment that uses heated air to kill head lice and nits. This method is extremely effective by working over 99 percent of the time. This treatment will not just get rid of the lice, but also the eggs that they lay. The other positive thing about this method is that it is harmless, unlike over-the-counter products. No chemicals have to be applied to your head and scalp. 

Lice Treatment In Savannah, Georgia

Getting an unexpected case of head lice can be quite an alarming situation, but it is nothing to panic over. A case of lice is very common and can be addressed easily. Fresh Heads has the best lice treatment in Savannah, Ga. We also have other locations in Jacksonville, Fl. and in Orlando, Fl. Don’t be scared to contact us if you need help getting rid of some lice.

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!