Don’t Bust Your Budget on DIY Head Lice Treatments

Does your household budget include an amount for do-it-yourself head lice treatments? Probably not. Do you have a jar in the kitchen where you are stashing coins and saving for a head-licey day? Probably not. Head lice infestations are not going to put you and the family in the poor house but they can be costly – in more ways than one – if you choose to take on the little pests yourself.

Let’s say a member of the family contracts head lice. After the initial shock and panic sets in, the do-it-yourselfer will typically purchase over-the-counter head lice shampoo and nit removal combs for the affected person and the rest of the family. With time it becomes apparent that the initial treatment was not successful, so the do-it-yourselfer heads to the internet to purchase head lice treatment products. When they are not effective, there is a trip to the doctor and the pharmacist. For each attempt, there is extra house cleaning, tossing of hair accessories and clothes, extra laundry, and days missed from work and school. These efforts might be repeated again and again over three months, six months, or even a year. Here are some approximate costs of do-it-yourself treatments.

• Over-the-counter head lice shampoo for one person :$45
• Over-the-counter head lice products for the family :$125
• In-store purchased head lice nit removal comb :$7-$45
• Internet-purchased head lice products :$150
• A visit to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment plan :$250
• A prescription lice treatment :$50-$250
• Replacement of personal hair combs, brushes, and accessories :$75
• Extra household cleaning supplies :$30
• Electricity and water required for extra laundry and cleaning :$200
• Missed work for one person :Cost Varies
• Sitters for children unable to attend school :Cost Varies
• Missed school (private) :Cost Varies
• Missed extra-curricular activities :Cost Varies

There are some things, however, on which you can’t put a price; perhaps their cost the greatest.

• Anger, stress, depression felt by members of the family
• Strained relationships with friends and co-workers
• Lack of sleep for a person(s) with head lice and for their caretakers
• Physical discomfort caused by itching from lice bites and burning from pesticides in treatment products
• Countless hours spent combing hair, cleaning, doing laundry
• Missed school and make-up work
• Missed non-fee extra-curricular activities
• Missed social events
• Exclusion from social events
• Unwarranted, unfair stigma and stereotyping
• Known and unknown long-term effects of toxins in over-the-counter and prescription head lice treatment products

Multiply these direct and indirect costs each time you treat and have to treat again in an effort to be rid of head lice. To add insult to injury, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center offers a treatment that will not only save you time and money but that will also come with a 45-day GUARANTEE (All siblings and parents must be head-checked by a Fresh Heads Technician for the guarantee to be valid). The pesticide-free AirAllé ™ Treatment costs $145 per person. This 30-minute non-toxic head lice removal treatment is performed by a Certified AirAllé™ Operator. It includes a full comb-out to remove all remnants of dead lice/nits, an application of Lice-Sense (a non-toxic lice suffocating solution), and essential housecleaning education that will offer simple and effective house cleaning advice. No follow-up treatment is necessary.

So when you do the math, it’s a no-brainer. Your best choice for a head lice removal treatment is the one that leaves you with more time and with more money in your pocket. The pesticide-free AirAllé ™ Treatment offered by Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center will do just that.

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