Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month

September is Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month.  Sponsored annually since 1985 by the National Pediculosis Association (NPA), Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month was originated to bring attention to the pesky problem by providing information about regular screenings, early detection, and effective non-chemical removal procedures.

Screening by parents on a regular basis allows for early detection.  Early detection allows for quick response with the “least offensive” treatment and lessens the chances for spreading of the infestation.  The all-natural, chemical-free preventative products and the pesticide-free AirAllé™ lice removal treatments that are used by the professional lice removal staff at Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center reduce the occurrence of harmful after-effects.

While it’s not a throw-a-party, sing-a-happy-song kind of occasion, Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month is a reminder that the best course of action for head lice is to be aware and to prevent.  Mandy Ottesen and her professional team are available with valuable information and resources to keep your family head lice free not only in September but year round!  They can be reached at 904-517-4087 or by visiting www.freshheadsliceremoval.com.  Now go out and celebrate!

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