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Camps Without Lice – Jacksonville, Orlando, and Savannah Summer Camps

Camps Without Lice

Every year our clinics see a spike in head lice cases during the summer which may come as a surprise! Most people assume with kids out of school the chance of catching head lice is much lower but we’ve found that lice infestations can happen just as easily in summer camps.

This is why we are offering our Camps Without Lice national program, which provides participating summer camps with free educational resources and pre-screenings for Camp Staff, AND the opportunity for screening & treatment savings for camp families. Camps, please contact us so we can discuss how to make this happen! Let’s make summer camps lice free this year!

Local Summer Camps

School is out, and we want to make this summer easy breezy to plan with no shortage of FUN for your families! We’ve put together a listing of fantastic summer camps in Jacksonville, Orlando, & Savannah, Georgia. There’s something to keep all little campers busy and happy all summer long! From cooking to STEM, and from theatre to sports, this Summer Camp Guide is all you need to plan for a memorable and FUN summer!


  3. Episcopal –
  4. Jacksonville Country Day School –
  5. The Bolles School –
  6. Good Lad Soccer –
  7. Tommy Hulihan Basketball –
  8. The Discovery School – Https://
  9. White Oak Conservation – Https://
  10. Theater Jacksonville –
  11. YMCA –
  12. MOSH –
  13. Cummer Museum –
  14. JAX Cooking Studio –
  15. Level Up Kids –
  16. Bolts & Bytes Maker Academy –
  17. Bach to Rock –
  18. Kids Can Code –
  19. Chappell Schools –
  20. Jax Surf & Paddle –
  21. Shepard of the Woods School –
  22. Doing Dishes Pottery Studio –
  23. Timbernook –
  24. Smitty’s Camp –
  25. 5 Tool Training –
  26. Challenge Island –
  27. Renaissance Youth –
  28. Code Ninjas –


  3. UCF STEM –
  4. SeaWorld –
  5. Legoland –
  6. Dr. Phillips Center –
  7. Central Florida Zoo & Gardens –
  8. Orange County Library System –
  9. Easterseals Florida –
  10. North Orlando Rowing –
  11. Orlando Science Center –
  12. Orlando City –
  13. Star Child Academy –
  14. YMCA –


  2. Tybee Island Sea Camp –
  3. Kids Pottery Camp –
  4. Scribble Art Studio –
  5. Camp Moon River –
  6. Calvary Day School –
  7. Royce Learning Center –
  8. Savannah Sailing Center –
  9. Telfair Museums –
  10. Savannah United –
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Savannah Morning News Interview

We had a great time sitting down with the Savannah Morning News to talk about what local parents can do to get rid of head lice. Check out the interview below!

Hart to Heart: What to do when your kids get head lice

I reached out to Mandy Ottesen, owner of Fresh Heads Lice Removal, for expert advice on whether you can prevent lice and how to remove it.

Since opening in September 2017, Ottesen’s lice removal treatment center, located on U.S. 80 West in Pooler, has become a salvation for head-scratching parents who have kids with lice….. Click here to read the rest of this interview on

How To Prevent and Treat Head Lice

Our owner Mandy Ottesen was on News4Jax this morning in Jacksonville this morning to explain the best ways to prevent and treat head lice. With the new school year starting up, now is the time to be on the lookout for head lice!

man flicks dandruff off shirt

What is Dandruff and What Can You Do About It?

We get a lot of questions from people who wonder how to tell the difference between head lice and dandruff. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy tell them apart once you know the difference in their appearance.

If you are worried that you have head lice, contact us right away for a head check. But what if you have dandruff? Here is a great article from our friends at that explains what dandruff is, its causes, and what you can do to treat it.

What Causes Dandruff?

Whether you class dandruff as annoying, embarrassing, or both, one thing’s for sure: it sucks. It’s not a life threatening condition, but it’s also not a condition most of us are very happy about having!

Itchy scalp, constantly checking your shoulders for stray flakes…it’s not your idea of sexy and sophisticated, is it?

So what causes dandruff and what can be done about it? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more… Click here to read this article on

As Seen on The Doctors!

The treatment for super lice was revealed on Sept 21, 2016 on the popular TV show “The Doctors”. Watch and see how Lice Clinics of America’s highly effective 3-step process, including the only FDA-cleared medical device, dehydrates lice and their eggs in a single treatment.

Are Drug-Resistant Lice Headed Your Way?

Head lice are a fact of life for parents of school-aged children. With 6 to 12 million children infested each year, it’s hard to make it through elementary school without about with the pesky parasites. Traditionally, over-the-counter treatments were enough to get rid of the problem. However, U.S. investigators are now warning that drug-resistant lice could be coming to a school near you!

As mentioned above, head lice are a very common occurrence for school-aged children and their families. Unable to fly or jump like fleas, head lice are transmitted via direct contact. After contact, they are quick to infest the head, feeding on blood and laying their eggs at the base of the hair shaft. While they do not transmit disease, they cause extreme discomfort. Until recently, there were simple topical treatments that, when combined with thoroughly cleaning your clothes, carpet, bedding, and furniture, could reliably eliminate the infestation. Those days could be numbered…

In at least 25 states, including Florida, analysts have found head lice populations that don’t respond to common, over-the-counter treatments. In one study, 104 out of 109 lice populations tested had a 100 resistance to permethrin, the most common pesticide found in over-the-counter treatments.

The cause of the resistance is a tale as old as time. After stronger pesticides were taken off the market, lice populations had generation after generation to develop genetic resistance to the only one left, permethrin.

The good news is that there are other treatments available. There are more intense pesticides that can be effective, but many parents are wary of using such strong chemicals on their children.

At Fresh Heads, we use a revolutionary new treatment called AirAlletm that uses only hot air to kill lice and their eggs. That’s right – there is an effective, science-based, pesticide-free way to kill head lice and their eggs at all stages of life!

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is a science-based head lice removal company. Our highly trained technicians are skilled at getting rid of lice in one treatment session using the Revolutionary AirAlletm Head Lice Machine. We are the only single-treatment professional head lice removal company serving Jacksonville, Orlando, and surrounding areas that offers a 45-day guarantee. If you think you might be experiencing a head lice issue in your household, call us today! A Fresh Heads Technician will carefully inspect every hair on the heads in question.

Head Lice and School District Policies at Clay County Public Schools, St. John’s Public Schools and Duval County Public Schools

If you live in Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas, school is back in session. Time to review the North Florida School Lice Policies for the local school districts of Clay County Public Schools, St. Johns County for Public Schools, and Duval County Public Schools.

To see the full official head lice policies for schools in Central Florida, visit their official websites at Polk County Schools, Orange County Public Schools, Lake County Public Schools, Sumter County Public Schools, Indian River County Schools, and Seminole County Public Schools

For South Georgia and South Carolina, visit: Camden County Public Schools, Macintosh County Schools, Wayne County Schools, Long County Schools, Liberty County Schools, Chatham County Schools, Effingham County Schools, Jaseper County Schools, Beaufort County Schools, and Charleston County Schools

1. Clay County Public Schools Head Lice Policy

According to the Clay County Health Department and The Clay County School Board, students need to be free of nits (eggs) prior to re-entry into their school after treatment. Parents of Elementary school-aged children are required to accompany their children to school on the first day of entry after treatment. All children should be back to school within two days if treated properly. Habitual absentee cases may be referred to the community health nurse or the school attendance assistant or social worker. If the parent(s)/guardian(s) fail to comply with proper head lice treatment, they may be referred to the state attorney’s office for violation of compulsory school attendance law

2. St. John’s County Public Schools Head Lice Policy

In St. John’s County Public Schools, all students infected with head lice shall not be allowed back into school until all signs of lice and nits are gone. The school nurse or personnel in the Student Services Department shall contact the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian when a student misses three (3) or more school days for (1) incidence of head lice.

Readmission to school shall require an examination by a properly trained personnel, designated by the school principal, to determine if the student may return to school.

3. Duval County Public Schools Head Lice Policy

Students with nits (eggs) will be excluded from school until they are nit-free. All children excluded from school due to head lice and/or nits must be accompanied by a parent or an adult before they will be allowed to return to school or ride the school bus.

The above information is meant to guide parents regarding standard school policies regarding head lice and head lice treatment prior to their children returning to their school after experiencing head lice. Please refer to your child’s specific school policies for further details.

Because of the highly contagious manner of head lice and the need to ensure that all stages of lice are killed, it’s a safer course to seek professional help right away. Doing so will help your children return to school sooner.

The treatment team at Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers are trained and qualified to treat lice in one treatment session with our Revolutionary AirAlle Head Lice Machine. Fresh Heads Head Lice Removal Treatment Centers are located in Jacksonville, FL, and Orlando, FL. We also offer the lowest cost traditional comb out option.

So, if sometime during this school year your child brings more than homework home – like a case of head lice, we are here to help. Call the Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center closest to you.


Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center Opens Orlando Location

In order to meet Orlando area demands, Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center has a new Central Florida location at 2273 Via De Lago, Suite 100 in Altamonte Springs. Fresh Heads is the area’s only science-and-research-based lice removal company and is affiliated with Lice Clinics of America as a preferred provider.

According to Founder and Owner, Mandy Ottesen, “Our new location will make us more easily accessible to our Central Florida families and will provide us with the opportunity to treat more people faster, getting kids back into school faster, parents back to work, and lives back to normal.  Our goal is to make your unfortunate experience as enjoyable and as pain-free as possible, and our new treatment center allows us to do just that!”  The new treatment center offers a full-time staff, sterile treatment areas, separate family waiting for areas for maximum privacy, Wi-Fi Internet, televisions, and handheld entertainment for the kids.

Central Florida is fortunate to have Mandy Ottesen, an expert on lice detection, removal treatment, and prevention at the helm of Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Centers.  Mandy was recently awarded First Place for Top Treatments for A Single Location from Lice Clinics of America for her Jacksonville, Florida location. She was also awarded the Licensee of the Year from Lice Clinics of America.  Mandy and her team of professionals are ready to serve Central Florida families at their new location.  Drop-ins are welcome.  If an appointment is preferred, it can be made online at or by calling (407)618-1175.

Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month

September is Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month.  Sponsored annually since 1985 by the National Pediculosis Association (NPA), Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month was originated to bring attention to the pesky problem by providing information about regular screenings, early detection, and effective non-chemical removal procedures.

Screening by parents on a regular basis allows for early detection.  Early detection allows for quick response with the “least offensive” treatment and lessens the chances for spreading of the infestation.  The all-natural, chemical-free preventative products and the pesticide-free AirAllé™ lice removal treatments that are used by the professional lice removal staff at Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center reduce the occurrence of harmful after-effects.

While it’s not a throw-a-party, sing-a-happy-song kind of occasion, Head Lice Awareness/Prevention Month is a reminder that the best course of action for head lice is to be aware and to prevent.  Mandy Ottesen and her professional team are available with valuable information and resources to keep your family head lice free not only in September but year round!  They can be reached at 904-517-4087 or by visiting  Now go out and celebrate!

Mutant Head Lice in Florida!

It is estimated that 6 to 12 million children in the United States are infected with head lice every year. To make matters worse, there is evidence to suggest that lice may no longer be killed by over-the-counter treatments.

A study presented at the American Chemical Society shows that 25 out of 30 lice samples had resistance genes, including ones from Florida, California, Maine and Minnesota. They are calling these resistant insects, mutant head lice!

WJXT invited our very own, Mandy Ottesen, to speak on mutant lice and what you can do if your child is infected. To watch the full interview, click here!