Nits VS Lice; What are the Main Differences Between the Two?

Nits VS Lice; What are the Main Differences Between the Two?

You keep seeing the word “nits”, but you are not sure what it is or what it has to do with lice? It’s simple, nits are the lice eggs produced by the lice, while lice is the actual bug that is making your head itch. Lice are very common and nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s estimated that 6 to 12 million people every year get lice. At Fresh Heads Lice Removal in Jacksonville, we are dedicated to solving this frequent issue. 

What are Lice Nits?

Female lice can lay 6 to 8 eggs a day. As you could imagine, that can lead to lots of lice over the course of a few days. Their eggs are typically white in color, very small, and oval shaped. You can find them close to the scalp, but they’ll be attached to individual pieces of hair. A good way to decipher if it’s lice nits or dandruff is that dandruff will easily come out of the hair and is not hard or oval shaped. Lice nits do not come off the hair easily and can be seen with the naked eye.

What Do Lice Look Like?

Lice are the six-legged, wingless bug you are seeing crawling around on your scalp. They tend to be dark in color but can be lighter.  They are very small, but can still be seen with the naked eye. If you see one, chances are you’ll be able to find others.    

How To Know You Have Head Lice?

A good way to tell if you have lice or not is to evaluate your level of itchiness on your scalp, neck, or shoulders. The itchiness can become unbearable at some points and can disrupt your everyday life. Another good way to see if you have lice is if you see nits. The lice nits will be on individual pieces of hair and close to the scalp. These nits will be white and oval-shaped, and will not come out of your hair so easily. 

Lice Treatment in Jacksonville, FL 

The most efficient and best lice treatment is with us at Fresh Heads. We use our exclusive AirAlle machine that kills the lice by using heated air. Its warm air kills the lice and lice eggs without having to use any harsh chemicals or having to come back for a second treatment. With our simple process, no hourly fees, and no hassle of having to come back for follow-ups, we’re happy to provide you with the best lice treatment. Call or visit our website to book your appointment today at one of our locations in Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Beach, Orlando, FL, or Savannah, GA.  

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!