Summer Camp Blues

Ah, summer! The kids are counting down the days until summer begins. Parents, perhaps, not so much. However, there is the blessing that is summer camp!
For many families, part of the summer routine for kids involves some sort of day or overnight camp. It’s a wonderful time for children to meet new friends, learn about new interests and hobbies, and visit new places. Hopefully, though, this year’s summer routine won’t involve the unwanted camp visitors known as lice.

According to the American Camp Association, each year an estimated six to twelve million lice infestations occur in the US among children three-to-eleven-years of age. There is hope: Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center offers a full line of all natural, chemical-free preventative products. With some easy preventative measures and knowledge, you and your child can avoid singing the summer camp lice blues.

Head lice are spread by direct contact with the hair of an infested person and these buggers can transfer very quickly in the close proximity of a camp setting. Our little darlings love to be close to one another when they are having fun. A gentle reminder to keep away from hair-to-hair contact, share bunks, or use each other hairbrushes should help reduce the chances of inviting these unwanted critters. Also, remind the kids that if, by chance, someone does experience head lice, to be kind and don’t make fun of them. It isn’t their fault.

Once a confirmed case of head lice infestation has been noted, all persons who have been in close contact this individual should be checked and those with evidence of an active infestation should be treated as soon as possible. This means everyone at the camp and everyone in the home.

Fresh Heads offers head checks and fast, safe, and guaranteed removal of head lice through their all-natural chemical free preventive products and their three levels of treatment options:

AirAllé™ treatment services is a one-hour, “green” treatment using an FDA-cleared medical device that operates with warm, dry air to kill lice eggs. This treatment is the only way that kills lice eggs prior to removal and therefore requires zero follow-ups.
The Traditional Comb Out option is simply the manual removal of lice and nits done by a Fresh Heads Technician using an enzyme-rich combing solution to help aid in nit removal and the application of Lice-Sense, incredibly strong and completely non-toxic lice suffocating oil.
Fresh Heads’ Do-It-Yourself head lice treatment and removal kit and tutorial.
There’s no need to panic, Fresh Heads are here to make your family’s heads, well, fresh and clean of any lice.

And one final note, when the babies return from camp, give them hugs and kisses and then thrown everything they own into the laundry. Better safe than sorry, we always say. Happy camping!