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What are the Symptoms of Head Lice?

Discovering that your child has Head Lice is can be shocking, there is no doubt about it.  Every day, Fresh Heads Lice Removal gets calls from distraught mothers who are asking, ‘How Did I Miss This???’  The simple truth is, for the first week or so, head lice can be difficult to detect.  In fact, the majority of the families who are treated in our Lice Treatment Center have had lice for at least 10 days before it is discovered.  Earlier detection is a huge advantage in the battle against head lice, and understanding the symptoms of head lice infestation is quite helpful.  Here is a list of the most common symptoms of head lice:

  1. A crawling sensation on your scalp—Many people will notice a crawling sensation before they begin itching.
  2. Itching—Although it usually doesn’t happen immediately, eventually your head will start to itch if you have head lice.  The bugs are biting your head every 4-6 hours (YIKES!), and the more bites you get, the more your skin will react.
  3. A Rash at the Nape of the Neck—Some people with head lice will develop a rash at the nape of the neck, and many will seek the advice of their dermatologist.  Usually, the dermatologist will make the head lice diagnosis, and send them on to Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center.
  4. Irritability or Difficulty Sleeping—Left untreated, head lice infestations can become severe enough to disrupt your sleep.
  5. Sores on the scalp—Due to excessive scratching, a person with a more severe or untreated case of head lice may develop open sores on the head.  This secondary infection is the only recognized medical condition that can come from having head lice.

Of course, it is best to catch a lice infestation before it begins, and the best way to do that is to check your children’s heads frequently.  Fresh Heads Lice Removal recommends that you check heads once per week.  If you think you have found lice, or are unsure about what you are looking for, please call Fresh Heads for a professional lice check.  Taking care of the problem immediately at a professional lice treatment clinic will drastically reduce the chances of having it spread to the rest of the family.

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