Can Head Lice Live In Hair Extensions?

Can Head Lice Live In Hair Extensions?

Everyone’s wished for thicker, longer, or fuller hair at some point in their life. While it’s hard to do naturally, extensions can give you the opportunity to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of. They’re made of synthetic or natural human hair, so many people think they’re immune to lice. However, that’s not exactly true. 

What Are Lice? 

Lice are considered to be gross by many people due to their appearance and the fact that they infest the hair and scalp. These tiny, wingless insects that are about the size of a sesame seed can be difficult to spot, especially in extensions. They are typically brown or gray in color and are visible to the naked eye. They feed on blood from the scalp and can cause itching, redness, and irritation. The eggs, or nits, of lice, are also unsightly, as they are small, white, and can be found attached to the hair shafts close to the scalp. 

Can Lice Live In Hair Extensions? 

The short answer to that question is yes. Lice can live in any type of hair, especially extensions, but the level of infestation will vary depending on the environment’s viability. Like any other place lice can be found, they can live for up to 36 hours in extensions. 

Length matters when it comes to where you’ll find lice in extensions. The longer the hair, the more room they have to lay eggs, mate, and continue to wreak havoc on your scalp if you come in close contact with someone else with lice. While this isn’t necessarily a specific fact to extend, it is something to consider as you decide the length. If you spend a lot of time in a space where lice are common, such as a school, residential treatment facility, or camp, long extensions (or long hair in general) might not be the best idea for you. And while lice are more common in school-age children, most of the time, the parents catch it, too. 

Can I Get A Disease If I Don’t Treat My Hair Extensions For Lice? 

The good news is that head lice don’t carry diseases. Although they’re not something you want in your hair, you can take a deep breath in, knowing that you won’t get sick from them — for the most part. The only circumstance where you could have side effects from having head lice is if you scratch your scalp too much, causing scabs or bumps to develop. If left untreated, they could cause an infection. 

Can I Prevent Lice In My Hair Extensions? 

Whether you’ve only had lice once or if you contracted it multiple times, avoiding lice infestations with hair extensions in the future requires taking some preventive measures. While they can’t jump, they are easily spread by close contact. The only way to avoid a lice infestation is to avoid head-to-head contact with friends, family, and peers. 

If you do use extensions, it is important to buy them from a reputable source, such as a professional salon, that uses high-quality, clean hair. You can also take steps to maintain your extensions, such as washing them regularly and keeping them clean. Additionally, it is important to practice good hygiene, such as washing your hair regularly, keeping it clean, and avoiding close contact with people with lice. If you suspect you have lice, it is best to see a healthcare professional or a hair specialist for treatment, as lice can spread quickly if left untreated.

How Can I Find Head Lice Treatment For My Hair Extensions? 

Finding the proper head lice treatment for your hair extensions can be challenging, but it is possible. However, the first step to treating lice in extensions is to take them out. Removing them will eliminate the source of the lice, but you should continue to check for their presence for at least seven days after the extensions are out of your hair. 

Avoid spending money on over-the-counter treatments like shampoos or chemical-based solutions when treating lice in hair extensions. These toxic shampoos are not effective. While they may kill adult lice, they do not kill nits. If the nits are not removed, the infestation will continue exponentially. The only effective way to treat head lice is professional lice removal. At Fresh Heads, our lice treatment focuses on removing all the lice in your hair or extensions with FDA-cleared medical devices. 

Get Lice Treatment in Savannah, GA Today!

If you’re located in the Savannah, GA, area and need lice treatment, you’re in luck. Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is an award-winning lice treatment center that uses science-based treatments, making us everyone’s first choice for getting rid of lice quickly and efficiently. Our technicians provide you with under two-hour treatments and don’t require additional follow-ups. With a 45-day re-treatment policy, you won’t have to worry about returning multiple times. 

We also have locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL, making it convenient for you to get quality lice treatment no matter where you are on the southeastern coast. 

Schedule an appointment with us today if your extensions are infected with lice.

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!

Which Lice Treatment Option is For You?

Which Lice Treatment Option is For You?

Do you have lice? Or have you had lice before and want to stay prepared if it happens again? If so, you should start exploring different lice treatments. Nits, the tiny lice eggs that end up in your hair or on your body, can grow extremely fast. However, they are easy to get rid of if treated correctly. Here are some of the treatment options you can choose from. 

Home Remedies Just Don’t Work

Home remedies for lice typically include over-the-counter sprays and shampoos. These treatments are not only ineffective, but they also are toxic and full of chemicals. To ensure getting rid of lice entirely, your best, toxin-free option is a lice treatment with the experts at Fresh Heads. The Fresh Heads kit comes with a non-toxic topical rinse application, a professional-grade nit comb, 10-day at-home combing instructions, and professional consultation. 

Professional Treatments at Fresh Heads 

A traditional comb-out is a common lice treatment method. After spraying a topical solution on wet hair, our professionals use a nit comb to sift out head lice easily without having to search endlessly in the hair. Instead of trying this at home, our professional team can do a much more thorough job and reduce your risk of missing nits. 

Higher-grade lice removal procedures, like our AirAlle treatment, is the most popular option for those who don’t want to deal with multiple treatments. AirAlle uses extended exposure to warm, dry air to exterminate all the lice and nits in the hair. Our treatments come with a 45-day guarantee and do not require a follow-up. 

Taking Preventative Measures 

In addition to treating lice as it appears, taking preventative measures is equally as important. Getting regular head checks, learning about how to clean your home properly, and hair care are all things you can do to reduce your risk of having a severe lice outbreak in the future. While you can always have lice, it doesn’t have to be a disaster to get rid of. Our protection plan is the perfect way to have peace of mind about your access to lice treatment. 

Visit A Lice Professional Today in Jacksonville For A Lice Treatment! 

Are you ready to figure out which lice treatment is best for you? Finding quality lice treatment isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Plus, when you, your child, or another loved one has a head lice infestation, you don’t exactly have time to search through dozens of providers. At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we offer safe and effective treatments at our locations in Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, and Savannah, GA. Each of our clinics provides you access to quality lice care to relieve your symptoms quickly, helping you stay lice-free! 

To address the problem of lice in schools, we partner with the Lice Clinics of America to run our Schools Without Lice program. This program helps to ensure that nurses and teachers have the resources and treatments they need to deal with lice outbreaks in their schools. 

If you’re looking for lice treatment, contact us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about what we offer.

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!

Are Lice Attracted More to Certain Hair Colors

Are Lice Attracted More to Certain Hair Colors

If a head lice infestation is at large in your neighbourhood or children’s school, it is normal to want to keep your family protected. You might wonder if your children are more or less at risk and whether there are certain factors you can control that reduces their chances of contracting these critters. 

While there is truth to the theory that states all individuals may be affected differently by various types of parasites, how true is it that these pesky little creatures are attracted to certain hair types and colors? This blog post aims to answer these pressing questions and will help you know what to do in case a person from your household catches lice.

Are Lice Attracted More to Certain Hair Colors and Types?

Head lice are only contracted via head to head contact, and they don’t discriminate. The tiny critters simply transfer to the nearest head that has hair, and in truth, they aren’t too picky about color or type. But do they have certain preferences? Here are some answers to the questions that may cross your mind:

Does Hair Type Matter?

Hair type matters a little bit. A recent study that has not yet been published has shown that people with thinner hair tend to be less likely to have lice than people with longer, thicker hair. People with wavy hair had also shown more incidence of head lice than people with straight or curly hair.

Does Gender Play a Role?

The study concluded that girls have a higher incidence rate of head lice in comparison to boys. There are varying reasons as to why this is so. It may be because girls have longer, wavier hair (most of the time) than boys. Another cause is that girls often sit in closer proximity to each other, with heads touching occasionally, making it easier for them to spread the lice infestation to those next to them.

How to Prevent a Head Lice Infection

The spread of head lice can be effectively controlled by eliminating head-to-head contact with anyone who has lice. However, if you have already contracted lice, a professional can help remove not only the lice but also their eggs. Seeing a head lice removal specialist as soon as possible will help control the spread of lice to others in your household.

Work with a Professional

Now that the blog post is drawing to a close, we have to answer the question once and for all: Are lice more attracted to a certain hair color or type? The answer is that although there are certain hair types that seem to be able to house head lice more effectively, not being a part of those categories does not mean you are immune. The main way to prevent head lice from spreading from one person to another is to restrict head touching with people who have head lice. If you or someone you know has head lice, it is best to have them see a professional for head lice removal. 

Head Lice Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Getting to a head lice clinic in Jacksonville, FL is essential to get rid of the lice on your head and prevent infecting others. Fresh Head Lice Removal works to effectively treat head lice by dehydrating and killing both lice and eggs. Our device, the AirAllé® is an all-natural solution and does not include chemicals – a major benefit over other treatment options. Book a session and get rid of your lice infestation today! 

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!

Head Lice Problems: What Happens When OTC Treatments Fail

Head Lice Problems: What Happens When OTC Treatments Fail?

Head lice is a common concern among parents and although It’s more easily spread among kids due to the increased head-to-head contact, it can become a household problem quickly if not treated promptly. The good news is that head lice is completely manageable with effective treatments to kill the lice and eggs. 

Some people worry that even after a lice-killing shampoo or head cream has been used, the lice problem may persist. This isn’t unheard of. Over-the-counter shampoos and creams do not work effectively as a treatment, especially against the super lice of today.  

So, what can a parent do when they are faced with this predicament?

What Happens When OTC Treatments Fail?

There are many over-the-counter or “natural remedy” treatments available to treat head lice problems in children and adults. Sometimes these lice treatments can provide temporary relief, but they are not always effective in completely getting rid of lice and nits.

There are 2 common methods that families use to treat head lice at home, and unfortunately neither method is effective anymore:

1 – Prescription and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Treatments

There are a multitude of head lice treatments that are being marketed and sold over-the-counter. These remedies usually come in the form of shampoos and creams that can be applied to the affected area. The reason for the ineffectiveness of these products is because the active ingredients have not changed over the years and lice have developed an immunity to them, creating the super lice of today. 

Another note is that while some treatments may get rid of lice, they may not get rid of all the nits. Once the eggs hatch, you could be facing the same problem again! These treatments are not effective long-term. 

2 – Natural Remedies

There are other home remedies that have never been tested to be effective against head lice. You may have heard of vodka, nail polish remover, and even mayonnaise to get rid of head lice infestations. However, these home remedies are not only useless against head lice but can be harmful and dangerous to your child. 

Opt for Proven Treatment Options

The types of lice treatment methods that you can rely on are the ones that have been specially formulated and proven to work. In comparison to over-the-counter options and home remedies, these have been tried and tested to kill lice. Non-toxic options will also help ensure that the treatment is safe for the person who is being treated.

Fresh Heads Lice Removal offers a Non-Toxic At-Home Treatment Bundle for those looking to get the issue addressed at home. Over the course of 10 days, you can use these products to eliminate lice and nits. However, THE best way to eliminate lice on the first try, in one treatment, is with our AirAllé® service, which is warm, dry air that kills not only lice, but nits.

Seek Professional Treatment

When it comes to getting rid of head lice, the truth is that there are some treatments that work more effectively than others. To make sure that you kill the lice and their eggs on the first try, seek professional treatment. 

Head Lice Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

If you need lice treatment in Jacksonville, come to Fresh Heads Lice Removal! With the use of our FDA-Cleared AirAllé®, we can help you clear your head lice infestation—and we have a guarantee to prove it! Come in for treatment today and see the difference! 

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!

Itchy Scalp but No Lice? Here's What It Might Be

Itchy Scalp but No Lice? Here’s What It Might Be

You have the classic signs of lice, like an itchy scalp, but when you got checked there was no indication of an infestation. Now that’s definitely something to celebrate, but what else could be causing your irritation and itching? There are other skin conditions that mimic the symptoms of lice. Keep reading to find out what those might be.

What Conditions Mimic Head Lice?

1. Dermatitis: There are multiple types of dermatitis, like atopic, seborrheic, and allergic; that have similar side effects to lice. They all cause irritation and can cause the skin to turn red from itching. The itchiness can be severe and lead to flaking as well. Dermatitis could be the effect of an adverse reaction to hair products.

2. Tinea Capitis: This is a fungal infection that inflames the scalp. Symptoms include itchiness, redness, and dry areas on the scalp. It’s more common in children rather than adults.

3. Psoriasis: This is an autoimmune disease that can cause redness, irritation, and scaly areas on the scalp. Flare-ups can last days or months and pop up randomly.

4. Folliculitis: This is a skin condition that can cause inflamed hair follicles and cause redness, irritation, and itchiness.

5. Scabies: This is an infestation caused by a small bug, similar to lice. Although it usually doesn’t affect the scalp, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. They can cause small bumps that are extremely itchy.

6. Bed Bugs: Another mite could be the cause. Bed bugs are small like head lice and feed on blood. They do not live on the body but can cause welts that are painful and itchy. They’re less common on the scalp and more so around the face and neck areas.

7. Formication: This is a sense of insects crawling on the skin without physical presence.

Still Concerned?

There are many types of skin conditions that may feel similar to a lice infestation that can affect the scalp. We have a few common ones listed but there are many more.

We offer lice checks for just $10 and can let you know if your itchy scalp is being caused by lice. If you have lice, leave the treatment up to us. If it’s not lice and the itching persists, we recommend seeing a medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis to treat your itching. We are only prepared to diagnose and treat head lice.

Prevent Lice Infestations in Jacksonville, FL

A lice infestation is a real concern for many parents. Fortunately, you can keep this at bay by regularly checking for lice and if you have an infestation, you can seek help from your nearest lice clinic

Prevent lice infestations and be free from future outbreaks when you consult Fresh Heads Lice Removal. We are in Jacksonville, FL, helping families protect their homes from the stresses and health risks of having to deal with nits and lice. Book an appointment today! 

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

Our mission at Fresh Heads Lice Removal is to eradicate lice from schools across the US. We’re partnering with the Lice Clinics of America to create a Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free resources, screenings, and treatments. If we work together, we can have schools without lice!

Does shaving these boys' heads get rid of their lice?

Does Shaving Your Head Get Rid of Lice?

Whoa there, Mama—let’s not jump to extremes. We know how stressed you are with the breaking news that your kid has lice, but do you really want to shave their head? Children can feel an attachment to their hair, and the moment you shave it off could make the situation worse. If you think shaving your head can get rid of lice, you’ll be left with shorter hair and no fewer lice than you did before. Haven’t convinced you yet? Let’s take a look at what to consider before making the cut, and we’ll give you some alternative and more effective treatment options.

Before Shaving

Before you jump to the chase of grabbing the razor to chop it all off, consider these points first:

  • Hair Salons Will Not Shave Your Child’s Head. If you think taking your child to the hair salon to get it shaved off is the easiest solution, you might want to put the keys down first. Hair salons will not treat or service those who have an active lice outbreak because it violates their health code.
  • Shaving Your Child’s Head Could Be Traumatizing. When there’s a lice outbreak, emotions are flying everywhere. You’re stressed, your kid is stressed, and you’re trying not to get lice yourself. One way to make it that much worse? Shaving their head! Your child could get upset and feel extremely embarrassed.
  • Shaving Will Not Get Rid of Lice. If you’re still ready to take the plunge to find out if shaving your head gets rid of lice, we’ve got news for you. It is not a solution to treating lice. Sorry to break it to you, but a buzz cut with clippers will definitely not get rid of lice. The reason shaving will not work is because lice live on the base of the hair, and on the scalp.  The nits are laid right at the base of the hair often times against the scalp.  A shaving will not get close enough to make an impact on the lice and nits.

Fast and Safe Lice Treatment

The good news is that you don’t have to go to extremes when there is such a fast, easy, and safe option available—our revolutionary AirAllé device at Fresh Heads. The AirAllé uses warm air to dehydrate both lice and eggs in just 30 minutes. The rest of your 1-hour treatment appointment is spent ensuring every louse and egg has been removed from the head.

Head Lice Clinics in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Savannah

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we offer all the lice treatment options above with the utmost care. We take you with us every step of the way, so you know exactly what’s happening on you or your child’s head. Your nerves will be put to ease the moment you step into our clinic, and you’ll leave lice-free. Don’t waste your time trying countless lice treatment options or, even worse, trying to shave your head to get rid of lice. Get rid of lice the right way, the first time. Schedule your appointment now for the safest and most effective lice removal treatment.

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the country. That’s why we’ve partnered with Lice Clinics of America to create our  Schools Without Lice program. We give nurses and teachers free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!

Happy, lice-free kids posing in a park.

Pesticides Are for Plants, Mayo Is for Sandwiches

Traditionally there have been three options when it comes to head lice treatment: drugstore DIY lice products; nit-picking, or home remedies recommended by other parents.

There are challenges with all three of these lice treatments. First, many drugstore head lice products use pyrethroids to kill live lice which is a class of pesticides. Head lice in 48 states in the United States, as well as some other countries, have developed resistance to pyrethroids. Since pyrethroids have been linked to behavior problems in children, do you really want to be washing your child’s hair with a pesticide?

“Many parents have come to us after weeks of battling lice with over the counter DIY lice treatments, some have spent hundreds of dollars on treatments that don’t work and have spent countless hours cleaning their house and washing bedding,” says Dwight Ottesen, owner of Fresh Heads Lice Removal.

Home remedies are completely unproven. Common recommendations include smothering a child’s head with mayonnaise or petroleum jelly overnight. Mayonnaise? Petroleum jelly?  These approaches are meant to suffocate live lice. “Natural” treatments recommended, like tea tree oil, can actually prove toxic if over-applied.

These methods, even if they were to be effective with killing live lice, do not kill lice eggs. Killing lice eggs (nits) is the most difficult part of a lice treatment. Nits are extremely hard to see and remove, and if you miss just one, the egg will hatch, and you’ll have a fresh case of head lice on your hands. Countless parents have come in after trying to treat lice at home with these home remedies, but all they’ve gotten is more frustration.

This brings us to combing and nit-picking. This is a long and tedious process. As points out, “It’s best to approach lice as a war on many fronts: You need to use a variety of techniques to kill not only adult lice but also their tiny eggs called nits, which are glued to the hair shaft. The nits can survive treatments that kill the adults and vice versa. These bugs have evolved over a millennium to live in hair, so they’re tricky.”

Fortunately, scientists at the University of Utah have come to the rescue with a revolutionary medical device called the AirAllé that kills lice by applying carefully controlled heated air to the hair and scalp, dehydrating live lice and eggs in a single treatment that takes 60-90 minutes.

AirAllé® Lice Treatment

The AirAllé® has been through the lengthy FDA-clearance process where it was found to kill live lice and 99.2 percent of eggs.

The FDA-cleared medical device, the AirAllé® is operated in clinics by certified technicians who deliver treatments that last 60-90 minutes in most cases, and results are guaranteed when all family members are checked for lice and treated in the case of an active infestation.

Because the AirAllé® device only uses heated air to kill lice and eggs, there are no harmful pesticides involved, and no lengthy nit-picking process is required. This sounds a lot more pleasant than pesticides or sleeping with a head full of mayonnaise.

“It’s amazing to see the relief on a happy mom who is able to leave our clinic lice-free after having tried everything to get rid of lice,” says Dwight Ottesen.

Let’s leave pesticides in farms but keep them out of our hair. Let’s leave mayonnaise on sandwiches, which can be quite delicious. Let’s use science and medicine to treat head lice.

Putting an End to Lice

Fresh Heads Lice Removal has created locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL, and Savannah, GA, to help families to find relief from lice. Using our FDA-cleared technology, our team can eradicate any lice outbreak within minutes. Book an appointment to receive our fast and effective lice treatment today.



Schools Without Lice.

Putting an End to Lice in Schools

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our goal is to completely eradicate lice in schools from California to Florida, and everywhere in between. This is why we have partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create our Schools Without Lice program. We want to keep our children safe in schools across the country, and by supporting our educators, we can take another step toward creating schools without lice!

airalle head lice treatment

Modern Lice Treatment and the AirAllé

With more than 500,000 successful treatments and having its technology and treatment methods featured on prominent television shows such as “The Doctors,” Fresh Heads Lice Removal is without a doubt leading the way in today’s modern approach to lice treatment. Rather than try a variety of old-fashioned treatment methods that only lead to frustration and failure, let Fresh Heads Lice Removal do it right the first time. With a variety of treatment methods that can be customized to fit a patient’s needs and budget, removing lice is now easier than ever.

Revolutionary Technology

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we take advantage of the latest technology available today by using our revolutionary AirAllé device. An FDA-cleared medical device that is safe and effective, AirAllé is able to kill head lice and eggs in only a single treatment, all without the use of pesticides.

Treatment Options

While in years past there were only limited options for lice treatment, modern medicine and technology have changed all that, and Fresh Heads Lice Removal has been at the forefront of making sure children and their families are lice-free. Because of our dedication to this area of medicine, we are known around the world as the leading authority on killing lice and their eggs. To help our patients even more, we offer a variety of treatment options. One of our most popular is booking an appointment at one of our conveniently-located clinics, where our patients receive an easy and effective treatment using our signature AirAllé device. However, for others who prefer to conduct their treatment at home, we offer in-home treatment kits which can be purchased.

As per clinic owner Dwight Ottesen, “No matter your budget or your infestation level, one of our certified technicians can help you determine your best treatment options to fit your needs.”

Years of Proven Science

While the Fresh Heads Lice Removal has been around since 2012, the science behind what we use today was years in the making. Thanks to Dr. Dale Clayton, who made his revolutionary discoveries while a professor at the University of Utah, he was able to form Larada Sciences in 2006, which enabled this state-of-the-art technology to go to market. As they say, the rest is history.

Since the most frequently used over-the-counter lice treatments have been shown to be effective less than 50% of the time, it makes no sense to waste your time and money on these products. Instead, contact us here at Fresh Heads Lice Removal, where you can be assured of getting the effective and efficient lice treatment you and your family deserve.

Let us take care of the lice in your life. Fresh Heads Lice Removal has locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL, and Savannah, GA. We are open seven days a week by appointment. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Schools Without Lice.

Fresh Heads Lice Removal, Together with Lice Clinics of America, for Schools Without Lice!

We at Fresh Heads Lice Removal want to keep our children safe in schools across the country, which is why we have partnered together with Lice Clinics of America, to create the Schools Without Lice program. Our goal is to eradicate lice in schools from California to Florida, and everywhere in between. By supporting our teachers, administrators, school nurses, and other personnel, we can take another step toward creating schools that are lice-free!

Hidden Costs of At-Home Lice Treatments

The Hidden Costs of At-Home Lice Treatments

At first glance, it may seem less expensive to purchase an at-home over the counter lice medication or shampoo for your child, rather than spending money on professional treatments from lice treatment services. However, many parents are surprised when they realize that OTC bottles of lice treatments often come with hidden expenses of their own. Below, we’ll examine two factors you may not have considered about at-home lice treatment costs.

The “Re-purchase Factor”

Many parents choose to use at home OTC lice treatments for their child. They are often under the impression that they are more convenient and less expensive to use when compared to professional lice treatment cost. However, many at-home lice treatments, such as homeopathic solutions, are not as effective as professional services. They often require re-treatment, which means re-purchasing the product, and more money spent.

Lost Wages from Missing Work

Another expense that parents seldom factor into lice treatment cost is the potential lost income from missing work. Parents will miss more work when treating their child at-home because non-professional treatments require more time for the eradication of the lice. This is especially problematic for parents without sick leave. If a parent can attend work, they may have to factor added child-care expenses into the lice treatment cost as well.

Fresh Heads Lice Removal, A Cost-Effective Solution

Our professional technicians and experts take a safe, effective, and affordable approach to lice treatment. We stop lice in their tracks using AirAllé®, a completely safe FDA cleared medical device, so that we can help your child return to life as normal as quickly as possible. AirAllé® kills lice and lice eggs through dehydration, and a single one-hour treatment kills head lice and 99.2% of lice eggs. Because the AirAllé® device is so effective at killing lice eggs, the chances of your child needing a follow-up treatment nearly zero.

At Fresh Heads, we believe that effective lice treatment doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer a flat rate and a 45-day re-treatment guarantee so that you can be confident that you are receiving the best value. We pride ourselves on being a lice service that your family can rely on for the safe diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of lice. To learn more about our list of services and featured products, contact one of our Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, or Savannah, GA Fresh Heads locations today!


Schools Without Lice.

Fresh Heads Lice Removal Partners with Lice Clinics of America for Schools Without Lice!

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we want to keep our children safe in schools across the country, which is why we have partnered with Lice Clinics of America, on the Schools Without Lice program. Our goal is to completely eradicate lice in schools from Florida to California, and everywhere in between. By supporting our educators, we can take another step toward creating schools without lice.



risky chemical head lice removal products

The Real Risks of Head Lice

It’s natural for parents to be concerned when their child has head lice. They are itchy, bothersome and can be difficult to get rid of. However, the bugs themselves don’t pose too much of a health risk. Chemicals found in common head lice removal treatments are the real risk of lice, sold at your local drug store. Here’s what you need to know about toxic over-the-counter treatments before you treat your child for head lice.

OTC Head Lice Treatments Pose Real Health Risk

Research has been clear—pesticide style head lice treatments of yesterday are hazardous to your child’s health. They typically contain dangerous synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids. One recent study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that exposure to certain pyrethroids at environmental levels may negatively affect neurobehavioral development by the age of six.

The chemicals most commonly found in OTC lice treatment products are permethrin and lindane. Both chemicals have been proven to be toxic. Here’s more information about these two disturbing ingredients and some of their alarming side effects.

Permethrin is a neurotoxin that is found in many insecticides, including Raid. It’s also the key ingredient in numerous head lice removal treatments. It’s known to be carcinogenic and can cause serious side effects such as:

  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Skin irritation burning
  • Scalp irritation or burning
  • May affect the reproductive system
  • Nervous system symptoms such as excitability and convulsions
  • Allergic reaction

Lindane is a dangerous chemical that attacks the nervous system. Known to cause cancer. And it’s found in OTC head lice removal products. The FDA has recommended using extreme caution when using lindane on anyone under 110 pounds—which would include most school-aged children.

When used to treat lice, it’s easily absorbed through the scalp, which makes it even more troubling. The World Health Organization has even reclassified lindane from being a “possible carcinogenic” to “known to cause human cancer.” Lindane can cause serious side effects such as:

  • Stinging, burning and itching of the skin
  • Rashes
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Uncontrollable bodily shaking
  • Allergic reaction

Don’t Risk It. Choose Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers.

When the risk of head lice removal is worse than the head lice itself, what’s a parent to do? Simple. Choose a nontoxic treatment option like those offered at Fresh Heads. Not only are our treatments safe, they’re also far more effective since head lice have built up a resistance to old-school pesticide-based treatments.

Our signature treatment—AirAllé—was specifically designed to dehydrate lice and their eggs with warm, heated air. It’s FDA-cleared and has been proven to be safe and effective at killing lice and their eggs—it’s rate of efficacy is 99.2%! That’s a much higher rate than OTC head lice removal products. With AirAllé, we can safely and comfortably treat your child for head lice in about an hour. It’s fast, easy and so effective. It’s backed by our 45-day retreatment policy.

If your child comes home with head lice, call Fresh Heads for no-risk treatment you can trust.