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5 Steps to Take When You Discover Head Lice

Have you discovered a case of head lice in your home and you don’t know where to begin? Your first inclination may be to panic and go on a deep-cleaning frenzy! Try to keep calm. There are some fairly straightforward steps you can take towards an effective head lice treatment that lasts and keep your sanity while you’re at it.

1. Don’t panic. While they are most certainly a nuisance and can be a bit uncomfortable, head lice do not cause harm or carry any diseases.

2. Check everyone’s head in your household. Comb through each person’s hair carefully. If one person has head lice, chances are others in the family do too. And it’s much more sensible to treat everyone at the same time. Lice spread most commonly from head to head contact and by shared objects such as hats, brushes, pillows, and blankets.

3. Decide on a treatment plan. There are many options on the market. For quick and effective head lice treatment in Jacksonville or Orlando, you can contact a treatment center such as Fresh Heads. Aside from traditional comb-outs, they offer an FDA-approved heated air treatment called AirAllé and a line of non-toxic DIY products if you prefer to go it alone.

4. Do some housecleaning. It doesn’t take a monumental effort like you may have feared. Most importantly, you’ll want to clean all clothing and bedding that’s been used in the last 48-hours with hot water and throw it in the dryer at high heat. The same goes for any stuffed animals or other fabric items. Vacuuming sofas, mattresses, and carpets that have been recently used by those infested is also a good idea. Soak combs, brushes and other hair items in hot water overnight.

5. Notify friends and your child’s school. It might seem embarrassing, but don’t let it be. Head lice is an equal-opportunity pest and not a sign of uncleanliness. It’s important to notify others to reduce the chances of a re-infestation.

If you’re ready to schedule effective head lice treatment in Jacksonville for you and your family, call Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center today. Their FDA approved AirAllé Head Lice Machine is a science-based, chemical-free, effective lice treatment that comes with a 45-day guarantee!

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3 Steps to Killing Lice in Your Home

In your quest to rid lice from your life, you’ve cleared the hurdle of ensuring everyone in your household’s hair is free and clear. Now you’re left wondering how to kill head lice in your home to avoid a re-infestation. The good news is that contrary to what you may have heard, you don’t have to go crazy deep-cleaning and boiling everything in sight. It may seem daunting at first, but killing lice in your home doesn’t have to require an enormous amount of time and energy.

The one comforting thing to realize is that head lice do not survive long when not on a human because they can no longer feed. That said, there are a few steps you can take around the house for killing lice in your home to reduce the chance of these annoying pests making a comeback.

  1. Machine wash and dry on high heat all clothing, bed linens, stuffed animals and other items that were used by the person infested with head lice within the 48 hours prior to their treatment. If it’s clothing or items that can’t be machine washed, you can opt to have them dry cleaned or you can seal them in a plastic bag and store for two weeks.
  1. Soak all hair care items like combs, brushes, barrettes, and clips in very hot water that is at least 130 degrees for 5-10 minutes.
  1. Thoroughly vacuum the floor and any furniture, such as mattresses and sofas, where the infested person sat or laid down on.

Since head lice can only survive one or two days off of the human body, the chances of a person becoming infested from a louse or nit that has fallen onto the floor or furniture are slim. It’s also great news that head lice will not survive on pets, so there’s no need to treat them. These basic housekeeping steps will help ensure that you kill head lice in your home, and give you peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to avoid a re-infestation.

If you’re dealing with head lice, call the experts. Fresh Heads is a science and research-based treatment center dedicated to helping you find the most effective treatment for lice!

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School Head Lice Policies: Too Lenient or Too Strict?

There appears to be a trend for some school districts to change their policies about head lice in the classroom. In an effort to keep kids in class, maintain confidentiality, and prevent misdiagnosis, school officials are leaning toward removing “no nit” policies and replacing them with more lenient policies.

There are three basic policies regarding schools and head lice. If your school district has
• a “No Nit” policy, students are not allowed to be in school if any nits are found in the hair.
• a “No Live Lice” policy, students are allowed to be in school with nits, but not with live bugs.
• a “Live Lice and Nits Allowed” policy, students are allowed to remain in school even though nits and/or live lice are found on the scalp and in the hair.

There are variations of the policies that allow school nurses or other personnel to make judgment calls based on several factors including a number of nits or live lice or the distance of nits or live lice from the scalp. There are also varying opinions regarding the need to notify parents when outbreaks occur.

Fresh Heads has a complete rundown of public school district head lice policies for North Florida, South Georgia, and South Carolina at Head lice policies for private schools vary from one school to another and are not necessarily the same as the public schools’ policy. Parental awareness of these policies, both public and private, is a critical factor in keeping your child and his or her classmate’s lice free. It is also incumbent for parents to do head lice checks on their own, no matter how strict or lenient their school’s policy is.

While not dangerous in the worst sense of the word, head lice infestations are aggravating nuisances. The more you know, the easier it is to deal with them. The professionals at Fresh Heads stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about school head lice policies. We are your go-to resource when you have questions or concerns about how your school handles head lice outbreaks.

Does Mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, or Tea Tree Oil Kill Head Lice?

Mayonnaise doesn't kill lice!Can you guess our short answer here?  NO!  The idea behind these home remedies is that these oils might suffocate the bugs.  In theory, this is a good idea, but there are major problems with using mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut oil, or tea tree oil to kill head lice.  Here’s a little lesson:  Head lice breathe through their backs.  They have tiny tubes on their backs called spiracles that act as their respiratory system.  The idea with using these oils to kill lice is that you can clog those spiracles, and the lice will suffocate.  But here’s the problem:  Lice can actually cut off those spiracles and hold their breath for up to eight hours! Because these oils are relatively thin, the bugs are easily able to shut those breathing tubes before the oil has a chance to seep into them to block them.  Again, there is not a smidgen of scientific data to back the use of any of these oils as an effective means to kill lice.  Further, as with hair dye, these oils will not do anything at all to the lice eggs (nits).

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What are the Symptoms of Head Lice?

Discovering that your child has Head Lice is can be shocking, there is no doubt about it.  Every day, Fresh Heads Lice Removal gets calls from distraught mothers who are asking, ‘How Did I Miss This???’  The simple truth is, for the first week or so, head lice can be difficult to detect.  In fact, the majority of the families who are treated in our Lice Treatment Center have had lice for at least 10 days before it is discovered.  Earlier detection is a huge advantage in the battle against head lice, and understanding the symptoms of head lice infestation is quite helpful.  Here is a list of the most common symptoms of head lice:

  1. A crawling sensation on your scalp—Many people will notice a crawling sensation before they begin itching.
  2. Itching—Although it usually doesn’t happen immediately, eventually your head will start to itch if you have head lice.  The bugs are biting your head every 4-6 hours (YIKES!), and the more bites you get, the more your skin will react.
  3. A Rash at the Nape of the Neck—Some people with head lice will develop a rash at the nape of the neck, and many will seek the advice of their dermatologist.  Usually, the dermatologist will make the head lice diagnosis, and send them on to Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center.
  4. Irritability or Difficulty Sleeping—Left untreated, head lice infestations can become severe enough to disrupt your sleep.
  5. Sores on the scalp—Due to excessive scratching, a person with a more severe or untreated case of head lice may develop open sores on the head.  This secondary infection is the only recognized medical condition that can come from having head lice.

Of course, it is best to catch a lice infestation before it begins, and the best way to do that is to check your children’s heads frequently.  Fresh Heads Lice Removal recommends that you check heads once per week.  If you think you have found lice, or are unsure about what you are looking for, please call Fresh Heads for a professional lice check.  Taking care of the problem immediately at a professional lice treatment clinic will drastically reduce the chances of having it spread to the rest of the family.

Pediatricians Warn About Lindane Pesticide

Here’s one more reason to consider the AirAllé™ lice treatment system, which is completely pesticide free:

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the pharmaceutical Lindane presents a health hazard to children. Lindane is grouped in same vein as DDT, the infamous insecticide of several generations ago.

The AAP based their pronouncement on the Lindane’s side effects. When used as a scabicide or lice-ridant this chemical has, on occasion, resulted in convulsions, confusion and in rare instances, death.

Read more here, and if you are living in the Jacksonville area, and discover you have a problem with lice in your household, consider Fresh Heads’ safe, pesticide-free lice treatment solutions!

Proven Natural Choices For Lice Removal

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Methods and Products are Proven Natural Choices

Over the years, people have used a variety of methods to treat head lice infestations. Most of the treatments have been pesticide-based products. Permethrin(1%) or pyrethrin products are sold over-the-counter. Permethrin(5%), malathion(0.5%0) and lindane(1%) products are sold by prescription only. As pesticide resistance and superbugs grow, the dangers of using chemical head lice treatments are being examined. Researchers are finding that reliance on the harmful pesticides leads to repeated use and ongoing infestations.

Repeat use of toxic pesticide-based products can have traumatic effects. The eyes and skin can be affected. Allergies can be aggravated. On persons whose immune systems are already weak, including those with epilepsy, brain tumors, asthma, cancer, or AIDS, the effects can be life-threatening. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid the use of pesticide-based products.

It is evident that there is a tremendous need for non-toxic treatments that are both safe and effective.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is at the forefront in the use of non-toxic head lice removal and prevention methods and remedies.

• Our FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device uses no suffocation products, pesticides, lice combs, or herbal lice remedies. The AirAllé™ uses large amounts of rapidly blown dry, heated air to dehydrate, dry out, and, as a result, to kill lice and eggs.
• Our clinically proven Peppermint and Tea-Tree Louse Away Shampoo are 78% organic. Our clinically proven Louse Away Conditioning Spray is a 95% organic leave-in conditioning spray. Louse Away products are infused with natural essential oils famous for their anti-insect properties. They are sulfate-free.
• Our Lice-Sense Lice Killer exterminates lice in seconds. The silicone-based product is non-toxic and works by suffocating the lice. Our enzyme-rich Lice-Sense Combing Solution breaks down the stubborn glue that binds nits to hair. Spray, wait 20 minutes and comb out the nits.

For more information about Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center, our services, and our products, please contact us at (904) 863-5022. Visit the Larada Science website at for more information on the AirAllé™ device.