Proven Natural Choices For Lice Removal

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Methods and Products are Proven Natural Choices

Over the years, people have used a variety of methods to treat head lice infestations. Most of the treatments have been pesticide-based products. Permethrin(1%) or pyrethrin products are sold over-the-counter. Permethrin(5%), malathion(0.5%0) and lindane(1%) products are sold by prescription only. As pesticide resistance and superbugs grow, the dangers of using chemical head lice treatments are being examined. Researchers are finding that reliance on the harmful pesticides leads to repeated use and ongoing infestations.

Repeat use of toxic pesticide-based products can have traumatic effects. The eyes and skin can be affected. Allergies can be aggravated. On persons whose immune systems are already weak, including those with epilepsy, brain tumors, asthma, cancer, or AIDS, the effects can be life-threatening. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid the use of pesticide-based products.

It is evident that there is a tremendous need for non-toxic treatments that are both safe and effective.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is at the forefront in the use of non-toxic head lice removal and prevention methods and remedies.

• Our FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device uses no suffocation products, pesticides, lice combs, or herbal lice remedies. The AirAllé™ uses large amounts of rapidly blown dry, heated air to dehydrate, dry out, and, as a result, to kill lice and eggs.
• Our clinically proven Peppermint and Tea-Tree Louse Away Shampoo are 78% organic. Our clinically proven Louse Away Conditioning Spray is a 95% organic leave-in conditioning spray. Louse Away products are infused with natural essential oils famous for their anti-insect properties. They are sulfate-free.
• Our Lice-Sense Lice Killer exterminates lice in seconds. The silicone-based product is non-toxic and works by suffocating the lice. Our enzyme-rich Lice-Sense Combing Solution breaks down the stubborn glue that binds nits to hair. Spray, wait 20 minutes and comb out the nits.

For more information about Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center, our services, and our products, please contact us at (904) 863-5022. Visit the Larada Science website at for more information on the AirAllé™ device.


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