Reasons to Go With a Head Lice Pro

A dreaded outbreak of head lice brings with it the need to make an important decision about treatment.  When all is said and done, there are two choices for lice removal treatment: do it yourself or go with a professional like Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center.  There are some very impressive reasons for choosing professional head lice removal treatment.

Many people are under the impression that the do-it-yourself route to treating head lice is the most cost-effective choice.  In most cases, this choice of head lice treatment is actually more expensive than the cost of using a professional service.  Over a three to six month period, a person with head lice may have to have five to seven lice removal treatments.  Over time, the cost of prescription, non-prescription, and home-remedy products, combs, laundry products, and home-cleaning products that are used for is extremely high.

Choosing the professionals at Fresh Head Head Lice Treatment Center for head lice removal treatment may be a little more expensive in the short-run, but in the long run, it proves to be less expensive than the multiple head lice removal treatments that are needed when you do it yourself.  Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center professionals can get things under control quickly and effectively.  Our one-treatment complete head lice removal process can be done discreetly at our Treatment Center or in the privacy of your home.  And when we are finished, you are completely head-lice free.

Do-it-yourselfers usually rely on over-the-counter pesticide treatments that are becoming increasingly useless in the treatment of resistant head lice.  Over-the-counter products do not come with a professional grade nit comb.  They do not include adequate instructions on how to use the product and the comb.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center uses non-toxic, pesticide-free products and treatments.  As such, head lice do not become resistant. Professional head lice removal companies have effective tools for treating head lice.  Most important to successful head lice treatment and prevention are the education that the professionals provide to their clients.  Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center professionals know all there is to know about products, treatment methods, and the follow-up steps needed to prevent another outbreak.

When it comes right down to making that all-important decision about head lice removal treatment, the better choice is to choose the professional staff at Fresh Head Head Lice Treatment Center.  We are trained and knowledgeable.  It is our desire to provide you with a stress-reducing, cost-effective experience when we provide our thorough head lice removal treatment.  You’ll be glad you chose Fresh Heads!

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