Keep Lice Out of Your Summer Plans!

Ahhh – summer vacation is finally here – no school, no studies, no carpools! What a relief; so why has my summer been hijacked by an outbreak of head lice? Yikes! Surprisingly, summer is actually the busiest time of year for lice outbreaks because children are closer in contact than they are while they are in school. Between the slumber parties, summer camps, and backyard adventures, lice have an even higher rate of infestation than during the school year! So what is the best way to avoid contracting lice? Let’s go to our experts at Fresh Heads for some simple tips at preventing lice.

First, arm yourself with knowledge! Our professionals at Fresh Heads recommend that you remind your children not to share combs, brushes, and hats at summer camp. They also suggest that your kids sleep in the “star pattern” during slumber parties or sleepovers. Instead of children sleeping side-by-side or in a circle with their heads in the middle, arrange them in the “star pattern” with their feet in the middle! Assure them that this allows them to have more room, and no one has to sleep on the “end”!

Second, remember that the school year isn’t the only time to get “back-to-basics.” Our Fresh Head experts advise you to frequently wash commonly used items, such as bike helmets, sports helmets, car seat headrests, headphones, and the like. And what about those public places where we so often rest our heads during the summer months, such as airplanes and movie theaters? Our Fresh Heads professionals tell us not to worry so much about that issue; since head lice cannot live and breed unless they are on your head, it is highly unlikely that you would contract head lice from those external environments…whew! Ironman 3 – here we come!

Third, learn to recognize the symptoms of head lice, and learn how to properly check your children’s scalp for any signs of lice. In addition to the obvious “itchy head” – you might also see small red bumps or sores on the back of the neck or near the ears. Be sure to keep our TERMINATOR COMB (only $15 from Fresh Heads) on hand for routine head checks. In the event, you discover the “unthinkable” – DON’T PANIC! Call Fresh Heads – we will save you the time of scouring the Internet only to find a variety of scary home remedies (lamp oil and dog shampoo – seriously?), alarming pesticides, or unnecessary recommendations about your belongings! Our FDA approved, chemical-free treatment rapidly turns your scary-time back into your SUMMERTIME!

So don’t let your summertime slumber party turn into a scary-time louse party! Now that you are in-the-know about lice prevention, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about head lice. Throw a fun-filled sleepover party, travel by plane, and go to the movies! Of course, if any head lice should derail your plans, just call us; we are only an AirAllé™ (formerly known as the LouseBuster™) away!

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