child receiving effective head lice treatment

Single Treatment Head Lice Establishments for Busy Parents

The hot Florida summer is approaching, and head lice tend to thrive in this type of climate. And since no one wants to spend their summer days combing lice and their nits/eggs out of their child’s hair, many parents in Jacksonville and Orlando are turning to head lice removal companies that offer relief in a single treatment. That way they and their kids can get back to enjoying the summer.

These professional lice removal companies—or so-called “lice doctors”— are an attractive alternative for busy parents who are wary of the harmful and time-consuming treatments of the past. Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers are brick mortar companies that provide on-site provide natural lice treatments in just one session with the use of the FDA-cleared AirAllé device.

Not only has there been increasing evidence of the hazards of chemical head lice remedies, but they’ve also been shown to be less effective than they once were. It’s no wonder the Fresh Heads AirAllé treatment has become THE way to treat head lice. It is a one-time, chemical-free treatment that is completed in a soothing, three-step process:

  1. A pleasant 30-minute heated air treatment with the AirAllé device, which immediately
    dehydrates lice.
  2. A full comb-out to remove all dead lice and nits/eggs.
  3. A soothing topical rinse application.

One of the most appealing features of this head lice treatment is that it can be completed in about an hour, so families can get back to having fun ASAP. Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers also offer a variety of all-natural products that parents can feel good about using to help their children steer clear of head lice this summer.

If you find yourself dealing with a lice infestation or are looking for products that prevent head lice, stop by Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center in Jacksonville or Altamonte Springs. We offer a science and research-based lice treatment that is effective and chemical-free!

Mutant Head Lice in Florida!

It is estimated that 6 to 12 million children in the United States are infected with head lice every year. To make matters worse, there is evidence to suggest that lice may no longer be killed by over-the-counter treatments.

A study presented at the American Chemical Society shows that 25 out of 30 lice samples had resistance genes, including ones from Florida, California, Maine and Minnesota. They are calling these resistant insects, mutant head lice!

WJXT invited our very own, Mandy Ottesen, to speak on mutant lice and what you can do if your child is infected. To watch the full interview, click here!


Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Is It Head Lice or Is It Something Else?

If you have never had an up-close-and-personal relationship with head lice, first of all, you are fortunate.  Second, are you really certain that it is, in fact, head lice?  For those of you who are new to the head lice experience, here are some things to remember…

  • Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp.  Other scalp residues may be due to conditions such as eczema or seborrhea.  A louse is a sesame-seed-sized wingless insect; a bug with six legs.  Varying in color from beige to gray, a louse moves on its own.  Unlike dandruff or any other residue from a scalp condition, a louse crawls.
  • A nit is a louse egg.  It will be located on the hair shaft.  A nit is attached to the hair shaft with a waterproof, glue-like substance.  Unlike dandruff, “hair cast”, or any other residue from a scalp condition, an untreated nit will not slide along the hair shaft when tugged between fingertips.  Nor will it simply just fall out of the hair and off of the head.
  • Many conditions can cause the scalp to itch.  When a louse bites the skin, the saliva causes an allergic reaction that causes itching.  Unlike dandruff or any other residue from a scalp condition, it also causes the scalp to “tingle”.
  • Dandruff flakes or other scalp residues will be removed easily when brushing or combing the hair.  Nits, on the other hand, are not removed easily until after the hair is treated.  A special fine-toothed comb is required.
  • Nits are fairly symmetrical; dandruff and other scalp residues, not so much.
  • Dandruff flakes, sand, and other scalp residues can be anywhere on the head.  Initially, nits are located close to the warm scalp, moving only as the hair shaft grows.

If all of this information has you scratching your head and wondering what’s what, a call to the experts at Fresh Heads Lice Removal can go a long way toward easing your mind by giving you a correct and thorough assessment of your situation.  We will send you home happy… no matter what!


Fresh Heads Lice Removal serves Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL, Savannah Ga, and surrounding areas.  If you are interested in the AirAllé™ treatment and would like to find a Lice Clinics of America location near you, click below!


To Selfie or Not To Selfie: That Is The Question

The head-to-head/hair-to-hair contact that is touted as the most credible cause of the spread of head lice is a primary characteristic of a “selfie”.    Teens love to be in selfies.  The jury is still out, but it might be something worth considering… “Selfies” may be contributing to an increase in head lice infestations among teens.

Head lice infestations have, historically, not been a teen issue.  Usually, teens with head lice have most likely gotten them from a younger sibling.  Unfortunately, teens tend to be pretty closed-lip when they do have head lice.  Furthermore, teens with head lice who would otherwise opt out of being in someone else’s selfie, succumb to peer pressure to be part of the photo op.  It is possible for unsuspecting teens to be sharing more than just a memory.

Head lice experts are divided on the issue of selfies as lice spreaders.  Some say it makes sense; others say no data-no concern.  While it might not be a research-proven fact – yet – it might make sense to limit your selfies to yourself.

Contact Mandy Ottesen and her team of professionals by calling 904-517-4087 or by visiting


How To Check for Head Lice

Most parents are fearful of the idea that their children will contract head lice, yet until they actually do battle head lice, those same parents have no idea how to check for it.  If you have never seen it, how would you know?  It would seem logical to turn to the internet for advice, but unfortunately, the web is chock full of misinformation.  But knowing how to check and checking often is your greatest defense against a really tough infestation.  Here’s what you need to know about how to check your child for head lice:


It is easiest to start looking at the nape of the neck and work your way up toward the front of the hair.  If the child has long enough hair, you should pull it up into a ponytail with one hand, and slowly work your way up, pulling small, paper-thin sections of hair down and examining each hair closely.  You should concentrate at the base of the hair, as the lice eggs are going to be found glued to the hair shaft, quite close to the scalp.  When these eggs are new, they are dark brown in color, and on blonde hair can look like specks of dirt.  Newer nits can be more difficult to see on children with darker hair, as they can blend in quite well.  Nits that are not viable, or that have already hatched can appear clearish, like droplets of water, or white, but will still be firmly attached to the hair.  Nits are most often found at the nape of the neck, the crown of the head, or the hairline around the front or sides of the head.

Often, dandruff is mistaken for lice eggs.  Lice eggs will be firmly attached to the hair and will feel like a hard speed bump if you run your fingers over them.  They will not slide down the hair shaft with your fingertips.  If you are seeing white debris that appears to be on the hair but will slide under your fingertips, you are more than likely looking at dandruff, not nits.

As soon as you find any evidence of lice or eggs, you should take action immediately.  Fresh Heads Lice Removal offers guaranteed lice removal services and we are available by appointment 7 days a week.

Reasons to Go With a Head Lice Pro

A dreaded outbreak of head lice brings with it the need to make an important decision about treatment.  When all is said and done, there are two choices for lice removal treatment: do it yourself or go with a professional like Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center.  There are some very impressive reasons for choosing professional head lice removal treatment.

Many people are under the impression that the do-it-yourself route to treating head lice is the most cost-effective choice.  In most cases, this choice of head lice treatment is actually more expensive than the cost of using a professional service.  Over a three to six month period, a person with head lice may have to have five to seven lice removal treatments.  Over time, the cost of prescription, non-prescription, and home-remedy products, combs, laundry products, and home-cleaning products that are used for is extremely high.

Choosing the professionals at Fresh Head Head Lice Treatment Center for head lice removal treatment may be a little more expensive in the short-run, but in the long run, it proves to be less expensive than the multiple head lice removal treatments that are needed when you do it yourself.  Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center professionals can get things under control quickly and effectively.  Our one-treatment complete head lice removal process can be done discreetly at our Treatment Center or in the privacy of your home.  And when we are finished, you are completely head-lice free.

Do-it-yourselfers usually rely on over-the-counter pesticide treatments that are becoming increasingly useless in the treatment of resistant head lice.  Over-the-counter products do not come with a professional grade nit comb.  They do not include adequate instructions on how to use the product and the comb.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center uses non-toxic, pesticide-free products and treatments.  As such, head lice do not become resistant. Professional head lice removal companies have effective tools for treating head lice.  Most important to successful head lice treatment and prevention are the education that the professionals provide to their clients.  Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center professionals know all there is to know about products, treatment methods, and the follow-up steps needed to prevent another outbreak.

When it comes right down to making that all-important decision about head lice removal treatment, the better choice is to choose the professional staff at Fresh Head Head Lice Treatment Center.  We are trained and knowledgeable.  It is our desire to provide you with a stress-reducing, cost-effective experience when we provide our thorough head lice removal treatment.  You’ll be glad you chose Fresh Heads!