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Pesticides Are for Plants, Mayo Is for Sandwiches

Traditionally there have been three options when it comes to head lice treatment: drugstore DIY lice products; nit-picking, or home remedies recommended by other parents.

There are challenges with all three of these lice treatments. First, many drugstore head lice products use pyrethroids to kill live lice which is a class of pesticides. Head lice in 48 states in the United States, as well as some other countries, have developed resistance to pyrethroids. Since pyrethroids have been linked to behavior problems in children, do you really want to be washing your child’s hair with a pesticide?

“Many parents have come to us after weeks of battling lice with over the counter DIY lice treatments, some have spent hundreds of dollars on treatments that don’t work and have spent countless hours cleaning their house and washing bedding,” says Dwight Ottesen, owner of Fresh Heads Lice Removal.

Home remedies are completely unproven. Common recommendations include smothering a child’s head with mayonnaise or petroleum jelly overnight. Mayonnaise? Petroleum jelly?  These approaches are meant to suffocate live lice. “Natural” treatments recommended, like tea tree oil, can actually prove toxic if over-applied.

These methods, even if they were to be effective with killing live lice, do not kill lice eggs. Killing lice eggs (nits) is the most difficult part of a lice treatment. Nits are extremely hard to see and remove, and if you miss just one, the egg will hatch, and you’ll have a fresh case of head lice on your hands. Countless parents have come in after trying to treat lice at home with these home remedies, but all they’ve gotten is more frustration.

This brings us to combing and nit-picking. This is a long and tedious process. As points out, “It’s best to approach lice as a war on many fronts: You need to use a variety of techniques to kill not only adult lice but also their tiny eggs called nits, which are glued to the hair shaft. The nits can survive treatments that kill the adults and vice versa. These bugs have evolved over a millennium to live in hair, so they’re tricky.”

Fortunately, scientists at the University of Utah have come to the rescue with a revolutionary medical device called the AirAllé that kills lice by applying carefully controlled heated air to the hair and scalp, dehydrating live lice and eggs in a single treatment that takes 60-90 minutes.

AirAllé® Lice Treatment

The AirAllé® has been through the lengthy FDA-clearance process where it was found to kill live lice and 99.2 percent of eggs.

The FDA-cleared medical device, the AirAllé® is operated in clinics by certified technicians who deliver treatments that last 60-90 minutes in most cases, and results are guaranteed when all family members are checked for lice and treated in the case of an active infestation.

Because the AirAllé® device only uses heated air to kill lice and eggs, there are no harmful pesticides involved, and no lengthy nit-picking process is required. This sounds a lot more pleasant than pesticides or sleeping with a head full of mayonnaise.

“It’s amazing to see the relief on a happy mom who is able to leave our clinic lice-free after having tried everything to get rid of lice,” says Dwight Ottesen.

Let’s leave pesticides in farms but keep them out of our hair. Let’s leave mayonnaise on sandwiches, which can be quite delicious. Let’s use science and medicine to treat head lice.

Putting an End to Lice

Fresh Heads Lice Removal has created locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL, and Savannah, GA, to help families to find relief from lice. Using our FDA-cleared technology, our team can eradicate any lice outbreak within minutes. Book an appointment to receive our fast and effective lice treatment today.



Schools Without Lice.

Putting an End to Lice in Schools

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our goal is to completely eradicate lice in schools from California to Florida, and everywhere in between. This is why we have partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create our Schools Without Lice program. We want to keep our children safe in schools across the country, and by supporting our educators, we can take another step toward creating schools without lice!

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Modern Lice Treatment and the AirAllé

With more than 500,000 successful treatments and having its technology and treatment methods featured on prominent television shows such as “The Doctors,” Fresh Heads Lice Removal is without a doubt leading the way in today’s modern approach to lice treatment. Rather than try a variety of old-fashioned treatment methods that only lead to frustration and failure, let Fresh Heads Lice Removal do it right the first time. With a variety of treatment methods that can be customized to fit a patient’s needs and budget, removing lice is now easier than ever.

Revolutionary Technology

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we take advantage of the latest technology available today by using our revolutionary AirAllé device. An FDA-cleared medical device that is safe and effective, AirAllé is able to kill head lice and eggs in only a single treatment, all without the use of pesticides.

Treatment Options

While in years past there were only limited options for lice treatment, modern medicine and technology have changed all that, and Fresh Heads Lice Removal has been at the forefront of making sure children and their families are lice-free. Because of our dedication to this area of medicine, we are known around the world as the leading authority on killing lice and their eggs. To help our patients even more, we offer a variety of treatment options. One of our most popular is booking an appointment at one of our conveniently-located clinics, where our patients receive an easy and effective treatment using our signature AirAllé device. However, for others who prefer to conduct their treatment at home, we offer in-home treatment kits which can be purchased.

As per clinic owner Dwight Ottesen, “No matter your budget or your infestation level, one of our certified technicians can help you determine your best treatment options to fit your needs.”

Years of Proven Science

While the Fresh Heads Lice Removal has been around since 2012, the science behind what we use today was years in the making. Thanks to Dr. Dale Clayton, who made his revolutionary discoveries while a professor at the University of Utah, he was able to form Larada Sciences in 2006, which enabled this state-of-the-art technology to go to market. As they say, the rest is history.

Since the most frequently used over-the-counter lice treatments have been shown to be effective less than 50% of the time, it makes no sense to waste your time and money on these products. Instead, contact us here at Fresh Heads Lice Removal, where you can be assured of getting the effective and efficient lice treatment you and your family deserve.

Let us take care of the lice in your life. Fresh Heads Lice Removal has locations in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL, and Savannah, GA. We are open seven days a week by appointment. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Schools Without Lice.

Fresh Heads Lice Removal, Together with Lice Clinics of America, for Schools Without Lice!

We at Fresh Heads Lice Removal want to keep our children safe in schools across the country, which is why we have partnered together with Lice Clinics of America, to create the Schools Without Lice program. Our goal is to eradicate lice in schools from California to Florida, and everywhere in between. By supporting our teachers, administrators, school nurses, and other personnel, we can take another step toward creating schools that are lice-free!

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What is the Best Lice Treatment?

There are all sorts of lice treatments floating around out there, but which is the best? It can be difficult to choose between pesticide products, herbal products, or even physical treatments. The best lice treatment has to be both safe and effective. Something that you and your child can confidently use without worrying about repeat infestation or nasty side effects. So out of all of the options available, which is the best lice treatment?

Common but Dangerous Pesticide Products

Insecticides were first introduced in the 20th century as an alternative way to treat head lice. Unfortunately, lice are very quick to adapt. This has led to pesticide resistant lice, also called super lice. These super lice have spread to 48 states, including Georgia and Florida! They have at least three genetic mutations making them resistant to most over the counter treatments.

Besides the growing ineffectiveness of pesticides, these products are also potentially dangerous. Many contain pyrethrin and pyrethroids, which are commonly used in bug sprays like Raid. Extracted from chrysanthemum flowers, these chemicals are potentially dangerous. They have been proven to be carcinogenic and even neurologically damaging when absorbed by the skin!

The Efficacy of Herbal Lice Treatments

With all the dangers of pesticides, it might seem much more appealing to go the herbal route. The problem is that herbal treatments function mainly by repelling lice. They aren’t the best lice treatment because they are less effective at killing lice. Not only that, but they leave the nits, or eggs, intact.

Herbal remedies are most effective when combined with other methods. They can be used to help prevent future infestations, but they are not effective at killing lice and their eggs if you have an infestation.

Is AirAllé the Best Lice Treatment?

The AirAllé treatment is a completely chemical free, all-natural head lice treatment that has proven to be the most effective. Not only does it kill head lice, it dries out and destroys their eggs to prevent the infestation from continuing. The process is simple. Heated air is used to dehydrate both lice and their eggs. The efficacy rate of this method is almost 100%. Usually taking about an hour, it is much quicker than most other treatments. This is especially true when you consider the fact that most other methods require follow-up treatments! The AirAlle treatment is the best lice treatment available to parents.

Get in Touch with the Pros for the Best Lice Treatment in Savannah

You don’t need to resort to dangerous chemicals or ineffective home remedies to get rid of lice. At Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Centers, we have trained professionals that can help you. If you are looking for the best lice treatment in Savannah, Orlando, Jacksonville, or Jacksonville beach, Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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What Happens when Head Lice Goes Untreated

Head lice are persistent parasites that usually affect school-aged children due to their close proximity to one another. Unfortunately, head lice can go undetected for some time since they are tiny and move so quickly. That’s why regular head checks and use of natural head lice treatments are so important when there are young kids at home. Here’s what can happen if head lice are left untreated.


While head lice are mostly an uncomfortable nuisance, there are some negative side effects of letting head lice go untreated. The biggest symptom of an infestation is an itchy scalp. The constant scratching can cause broken skin on a child’s scalp, leaving them prone to infections. Some of the more serious infections include:


A bacterial infection of the skin and the tissues beneath the skin. The types of bacteria that typically cause this infection are Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, but various bacteria can cause cellulitis. Symptoms include redness, pain, tenderness, swelling and warmth of the impacted area. Antibiotic treatment is required for cellulitis, which is not contagious. Natural head lice treatment at the first sign of head lice can help prevent infection.


Impetigo is a skin infection that is sometimes associated with untreated head lice. It is a bacterial skin infection that is more commonly seen in children. Impetigo is contagious and is caused by staph and strep bacteria. Symptoms include a rash accompanied by either small blisters or a dark, tan colored crust that forms after the blisters burst. Antibiotics can be used to treat impetigo.

Piedra infection

An infection of the hair shaft, piedra infection is possible when a head lice infestation is left untreated. This type of infection is relatively rare and causes hardened nodules on the affected hair. It’s caused by a yeast-like fungus called Trichosporon and is not typically contagious. Symptoms include nodules, brittle hair, pain, and itching. Antifungal creams, shampoos, and oral antifungal medications are used to treat this type of infection.


While infections are certainly caused for concern, the most common complication of untreated head lice is a recurrence. Using a natural head lice treatment to rid your child of lice is the first step. Additionally, it’s critical to ensure that lice are removed from all clothing, furniture, and bedding. If not, it will reappear before you know it. Lice spread rapidly, with it only taking a little over a week for a louse to lay more eggs. Checking your child’s head frequently in the weeks after treatment can help you make sure you stay in the clear.

Natural Head Lice Treatment

The most effective way to make sure your child’s head lice is treated is with Fresh Head’s AirAllé treatment. This FDA-cleared device successfully destroys lice and nits with heat. The one-hour treatment is so effective, it comes with a 45-day retreatment policy to guard against recurrence!

Don’t let head lice go untreated in your home. Call us for more information or to schedule an all-natural head lice treatment at one of our locations in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Orlando, and Savannah.

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Chemical Head Lice Treatments Linked to Abnormal Behavior in Children

If you needed yet another reason to opt for natural head lice treatment, here’s a powerful one. Research has now linked the chemicals found in the most common over-the-counter lice shampoos to abnormal behavior in children.

There has been mounting evidence of the dangers of chemical lice treatments. Recently, an alarming study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has shown a link between these chemicals and behavioral issues.

This research found that children with higher levels of chemicals called pyrethroids were more likely to demonstrate abnormal behavior at age 6 than those who did not. Pyrethroids are the synthetic chemicals found in insecticides, including many OTC head lice treatments. Unlike natural head lice treatments, these products contain a common pyrethroid called permethrin. They function by damaging the nerves of insects, eventually killing them in the process.

Scientists set out to see if these potent chemicals had any such negative impact on the nervous systems of children. They researched the connection between prenatal and childhood exposure to pyrethroids and behavior in six-year-old children. What they found was disturbing.

Pregnant women with higher levels of certain pyrethroids in their urine had a higher risk of their children having behavior issues. This included internalized behavior issues such as anxiety and being withdrawn. They also found high levels of another pyrethroid was linked to a higher risk of externalized behavior issues. These problems included demonstrating defiance and aggression.

If you’ve treated your child with these chemicals in the past, try not to panic. The research showed a correlation and not causation. But it does provide a very compelling reason to seek out natural head lice treatment when your child has lice. In addition to all the other hazards of insecticide-type lice treatments, the potential neurological damage is simply not worth it. Plus, these outdated chemicals have very unimpressive efficacy ratings.

Natural Head Lice Treatment You Can Trust

Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers are proud to provide chemical-free lice removal you can trust. Our safe, FDA-cleared AirAllé treatment is one of the most effective lice treatments available. Instead of using synthetic chemicals, our device uses heated air to dehydrate and kill lice and nits on the spot. We follow it with a traditional comb out and a special rinse. This helps to ensure that all traces of the dead lice and eggs are removed before you leave. We even back our treatment with a 45-day retreatment policy.

For more information on our natural head lice treatments, chemical-free preventative products or to schedule an appointment, contact the Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Center nearest you today.

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Can Essential Oils Help Prevent Head Lice?

Head lice are a most unwelcome house guest that can bring a great deal of stress, discomfort, and embarrassment for them. Any parent would like to be able to prevent an infestation from entering their home, and it turns out that it may be as simple as using clinically tested essential oil products.

An essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid that contains volatile aroma compounds from a plant. These naturally occurring oils can be derived from the seeds, stems, flowers, bark and other parts of the plant. Essential oils have long been used for their natural healing properties and may be an effective deterrent against head lice. Their extremely concentrated odor works as a repellent, helping to prevent head lice infestation.

The use of natural products, with essential oils, to ward off head lice is a great option for parents. However, the best way to avoid irritation is to use a product that has been scientifically formulated and tested. While essential oils are completely natural, some may irritate and some can be harmful. Fresh Heads carries clinically tested essential oil products, including shampoos, conditioning sprays, and detanglers, which are scientifically formulated to help prevent head lice naturally. They are effective, safe, all natural, chemical-free, and smell great!

Some of the best lice-repelling essential oils used in our product line include:

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is probably the essential oil that is most commonly believed to effectively prevent head lice. It has antiseptic properties and a strong odor.

Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil contains a menthol scent and has been shown to affect repelling insects including head lice.

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil has long been known to be a natural insect repellent. It has a strong, floral scent.

Rosemary oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, cinnamon leaf oil and thyme oil have all also been shown to be effective at preventing head lice.


For the best “one-two punch” for lice prevention, Fresh Heads recommends periodic combing, along with applications of proven essential oil products!


Lice Prevention Sprays


If you are dealing with head lice or would like to take preventative measures, call the experts! Fresh Heads Lice Removal Clinics, located in northeast and central Florida, are science and research-based treatment centers dedicated to helping you find the most effective treatment for lice.

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Head Lice Do’s & Don’ts

Are you dealing with a case of head lice? The whole situation can be overwhelming, but it’s important to find an effective solution and tackle a head lice infestation quickly so that you and your family can get on with your lives!

With so much information out there, it’s hard to know what the best solution for getting rid of head lice is. A good treatment for head lice should effectively kill the lice and their nits without exposing your children to toxic pesticides and other chemicals. Here are some do’s and don’ts to follow if your family gets stuck with the pesky critters.

DO check everyone in the home for head lice. And when you’re done, re-check. Use a good nit comb that will separate strands of hair easily.

DO find an effective and safe head lice treatment, and call a professional treatment center like Fresh Heads. The commonly used pesticide treatments of the past are no longer very effective, and they can be harmful. There are many non-toxic, all natural products available to both prevent and treat head lice.

DO use dry heated air to treat lice. Head lice and their nits can’t survive in hot, dry air. The FDA-cleared AirAllé device uses this technology to safely, quickly and effectively kill head lice. Clothing and linens can be placed in a hot dryer for at least 20 minutes to kill lice and nits.

DO treat the entire house. Even if you don’t think other household members are infested, chances are they have been exposed. To reduce the risk of another outbreak, it is strongly suggested that all family members undergo treatment for head lice.

DO notify others who have been in contact with an infested person. This is an important step in cutting down on the spread of head lice.

DON’T panic. In order to keep your peace of mind, it’s important to try to stay calm. Head lice can cause a great deal of anxiety for children, so treating the situation calmly will help the entire family.

DON’T wait to treat head lice. Some parents may wait until their child is experiencing symptoms of head lice. The problem is that it can take several days for symptoms to appear, and then you already have an infestation that has probably spread throughout the home.

DON’T use chemical treatments containing ingredients such as Permethrin. These chemicals are extremely toxic, and most strains of head lice have become resistant to these treatments.

DON’T send a child with head lice to school. Most schools have a no-nit policy, and it’s important that they complete an effective treatment before returning to school. This will help cut down on the spread of head lice.

While a head lice infestation is a stressful thing to deal with, following these do’s and don’ts can help you keep your sanity! Call Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers to help you find the most safe and effective treatment plan for your family.

Proven Natural Choices For Lice Removal

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Methods and Products are Proven Natural Choices

Over the years, people have used a variety of methods to treat head lice infestations. Most of the treatments have been pesticide-based products. Permethrin(1%) or pyrethrin products are sold over-the-counter. Permethrin(5%), malathion(0.5%0) and lindane(1%) products are sold by prescription only. As pesticide resistance and superbugs grow, the dangers of using chemical head lice treatments are being examined. Researchers are finding that reliance on the harmful pesticides leads to repeated use and ongoing infestations.

Repeat use of toxic pesticide-based products can have traumatic effects. The eyes and skin can be affected. Allergies can be aggravated. On persons whose immune systems are already weak, including those with epilepsy, brain tumors, asthma, cancer, or AIDS, the effects can be life-threatening. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid the use of pesticide-based products.

It is evident that there is a tremendous need for non-toxic treatments that are both safe and effective.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is at the forefront in the use of non-toxic head lice removal and prevention methods and remedies.

• Our FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device uses no suffocation products, pesticides, lice combs, or herbal lice remedies. The AirAllé™ uses large amounts of rapidly blown dry, heated air to dehydrate, dry out, and, as a result, to kill lice and eggs.
• Our clinically proven Peppermint and Tea-Tree Louse Away Shampoo are 78% organic. Our clinically proven Louse Away Conditioning Spray is a 95% organic leave-in conditioning spray. Louse Away products are infused with natural essential oils famous for their anti-insect properties. They are sulfate-free.
• Our Lice-Sense Lice Killer exterminates lice in seconds. The silicone-based product is non-toxic and works by suffocating the lice. Our enzyme-rich Lice-Sense Combing Solution breaks down the stubborn glue that binds nits to hair. Spray, wait 20 minutes and comb out the nits.

For more information about Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center, our services, and our products, please contact us at (904) 863-5022. Visit the Larada Science website at for more information on the AirAllé™ device.