The Truth Behind Why You Get Lice?

The Truth Behind Why You Get Lice?

Lice are transferred by head-to-head contact. This means lice only transfer from one head to another if the two heads touch. When you or a loved one realize you might have lice, you can learn how to check yourself for lice or reach out to an expert to treat it immediately. Here are a few facts about head lice so you will know the truth when you get it and the best lice prevention methods.

Head-to-Head Contact

The only way to get head lice is head-to-head contact with another person that has lice. This is the only way to get lice because lice do not jump and cannot fly. Once lice leave the human scalp, they can only survive for less than 24 hours. So, you cannot get lice from furniture, bed sheets, hats, or clothes. However, it is a good idea to wash all of these items after having lice just to sanitize. 

Lice Do Not Prefer Any Hair Lengths

Lice live on the scalp, so the length of hair does not matter. You could have long hair or short hair and still contract lice from head-to-head contact with someone else. With this information, there is no need to rush to get a haircut when you identify a lice infestation.  Another insignificant factor is hair patterns. Straight, wavy, or curly hair are all affected by lice.

Lice Do Not Care About Hygiene

It does not matter how clean or dirty your hair is. Lice can live on any human scalp and are not bothered by the hygiene. Once a lice infestation begins, they will reproduce rather quickly. Some shampoos and conditioners can help soothe the scalp after lice and prevent the spread of lice infestations, but they need to be purchased at your local lice clinics. Stay away from over-the-counter lice products from big chain stores. These products often are made with ingredients harmful to the skin.

Book Your Head Lice Removal Appointment with Fresh Heads in Savannah, Georgia.

When you realize you or a loved one may have lice it is important to treat them quickly. The most effective way is to get your head checked by local professionals. The most effective way to treat a lice infestation is to visit Fresh Heads Lice Removal in Savannah, Ga, Orlando, FL, and Jacksonville, FL.  Book your appointment online at  or learn how to check your own head for lice today. You will leave the clinic lice-free in less than an hour.

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, our mission is to get rid of lice in schools across the United States. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program. Through this program, we provide school nurses and teachers with free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!