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Will a Hot Tub or Swimming Pool Kill Head Lice?

As the weather warms up, kids begin spending more time swimming and playing with their friends. That also usually means we see an uptick in cases of head lice this time of year. Some parents wonder if taking a dip in the pool or hot tub might actually help kill lice. If only it were that simple. Read on to learn how to treat head lice safely and effectively.

Does Swimming in Chlorinated Water Kill Head Lice?

Swimming in a chlorinated pool or hot tub will not, unfortunately, kill head lice. Lice are very hearty pests and they can resist most chemicals, including chlorine. One study that submerged lice in chlorinated water for twenty minutes found that it wasn’t enough to kill the pests. Although the lice became immobile temporarily, they recovered completely after being out of the water for one minute.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention also agree that swimming in pools won’t kill head lice. Head lice can survive in chlorinated water, and are firmly attached to the hair when a person is under water. It will also have no impact on the nits or eggs. So, swimming in a hot tub or pool is not a good solution if you’re wondering how to treat head lice.

Can Head Lice Swim from Child to Child?

Fortunately, head lice can’t swim. They remain attached to their host’s hair in the pool or hot tub. They can’t swim from one child to the next to be spread that way. The main way that head lice spread is from head to head contact.

That’s why it’s still important to teach your kids to avoid this type of direct contact, even when swimming. Wet hair won’t stop the head lice from spreading to another child when they’re head to head.

Another thing to consider when your child is swimming with friends is sharing items that might allow head lice to spread. It’s a good idea to have your child avoid sharing items like swim caps, goggles and towels just to be extra cautious.

How to Treat Head Lice Effectively Without Chemicals

If taking a prolonged dip in the pool won’t solve your child’s head lice problem, what will? As mentioned above, head lice are extremely resilient and can survive most chemicals. On top of that, the chemicals used in most head lice products are toxic and unsafe for your family.

An FDA-cleared treatment called AirAllé is the most effective head lice treatment available. Not only does it have a very high efficacy rating, it’s also completely non-toxic. The treatment utilizes warm, heated air applied directly to the scalp to kill lice and nits by dehydrating them. It’s a completely comfortable treatment for children, and it is usually completed in about an hour. It’s so effective, it’s backed with a 45-day retreatment policy.

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