Do African Americans Get Head Lice?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most-searched questions on the Internet pertaining to head lice.  The answer is, yes, but not very often. According to Dr. Dale Clayton, renowned parasitologist and inventor of the revolutionary AirAllé Head Lice Treatment device, African American hair is shaped differently than Caucasian, Hispanic, or Asian hair, and lice have a hard time getting their grasping hooks around the shaft. Since lice are uniquely adapted to crawl along a hair shaft, and since lice glue their eggs to the hair shaft, this often prevents African Americans from getting lice. Cultural use of oils actually doesn’t affect this much, contrary to popular belief. It is, in fact, the different shape of the hair shaft that typically insulates the African American population from contracting head lice. At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we have treated children who have one African American parent and one Non-African American parent. Although the incidence is quite low, less than a quarter of a percent of the families that we treat to have any African American descendants. And now you know!

Lice Treatment Safe for All Hair Types

In the small chance of a head lice outbreak, there are several effective treatment options. Beyond our preventative hair treatments, Fresh Heads offers a revolutionary treatment with our AirAllé® device that is exclusive to us. Using patented technology, the AirAllé® simply blows warm air on the head to kill any lice and eggs that may be alive in a single treatment. Because the AirAllé® only uses warm air—no chemicals or pesticides—it is a fantastic and safe lice treatment option for all hair types. The AirAllé® is FDA-cleared and has a 99.2% treatment success rate. The advantage of choosing Fresh Heads and the AirAllé® is that you’ll be lice-free in a little over an hour, plus you’ll receive our 45-day guarantee. Learn more about the innovation of the AirAllé®.


Fresh Heads recommends these products to help prevent or treat head lice in African American families whose hair texture is susceptible.


Fresh Heads Lice Removal serves Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, Savannah, GA, and surrounding areas.  If you are interested in the AirAllé™ treatment and would like to find a Lice Clinics of America location near you, click below!


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