girl receiving airalle head lice treatment

How to Kill Nits

Truly, killing lice eggs is MUCH more difficult than killing the bugs.  Even the best prescription pesticide is only 73% effective at killing the nits.  The AirAllé™ head lice treatment is currently the only treatment option available that is clinically proven to kill nits entirely.  This treatment is available exclusively at Fresh Heads Lice Removal.  The AirAllé™ treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete and requires no follow-up.  For these reasons, it is our most popular treatment option.

Another way to kill lice eggs is a very thorough manual comb out.  If you are attempting to manually comb nits out of the hair, you need to be ready to comb diligently for 10 days, while also treating every five days with a dimethicone oil treatment.  This way, you kill any hatchlings before they mature to lay new eggs while combing out any remaining nits before they hatch.  It can be done, but it is hard work.

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