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Looking for something specific?

Head Lice Outbreak Hits Northeast Florida

Spreading across our area in record numbers is a problem so small you can barely see it. Head lice. Experts say Northeast Florida is having one of its biggest outbreaks to date with some of the hardest hit areas being the Beaches and San Marco. “From Ponte Vedra to Atlantic Beach and everywhere in between, […]

Time Magazine Hails The LouseBuster™ As Affordable Lice Treatment

Nancy Gordon winces at the term nitpicker. She prefers lice-removal technician, which is what she calls her employees who pick out nits (the pinhead-size white eggs that lice lay twice a day, four to five at a time) and the critters that hatch from them at Gordon’s LKY Salon — Lice Knowing You, natch — […]

“Yahoo Health” Features The LouseBuster™ As Effective Treatment Against “Super Lice”

It’s enough to make your skin crawl: If head lice weren’t scary enough, 60 percent of the itchy pests are now resistant to one or more common treatments, according to a new study published in New England Journal of Medicine. More alarming still, the researchers report that in some states-—including Texas, California, and Florida—100 percent […]

Head Lice–How To Tell If You’ve Got It

The CDC estimates that every year between 6 and 12 million school-aged children will contract head lice.  That is as many as 1 in 5 kids, between the ages of 3 and 11!  YIKES!  I actually never had lice as a child, believe it or not.  But, I remember my mother losing her dang mind […]

Why Is Head Lice So Hard???

Oh, head lice. You are so small! And yet you have driven us crazy for thousands of years. Why is head lice so hard to get rid of? When I was a kid, our parents slathered our hair ONCE with an over the counter pesticide and that was it! At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we […]

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