Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

Head lice affect millions of homes across the US every year. With many cases of lice occurring annually in the states, it’s no surprise that some people have tried to get rid of these parasites in a variety of ways. Most home remedies for head lice, such as mayonnaise or essential oils, are ineffective and messy. Over-the-counter treatments and lice shampoos are full of toxic chemicals and don’t live up to the advertising on their labels. In search of a healthy and effective way to get rid of head lice, many people have begun experimenting with something new, tea tree oil. Though this oil has been known to treat acne, athletes’ feet, and insect bites, is it an effective treatment for head lice?

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Derived from the Australian tea tree, this essential oil is harvested by steaming the plant’s leaves. Also, known as melaleuca oil, this treatment is administered topically. Believed to be antibacterial, tea tree oil has demonstrated the ability to battle certain types of fungi and rashes. Though it does have some beneficial properties, a few side effects of administering this oil can include burning, scaling, dryness, inflammation, and irritation. Tea tree oil is available in many over-the-counter skin products, lotions, and soaps. Be careful though, if ingested, tea tree oil can cause confusion, unconsciousness, and ataxia.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

Despite being an effective treatment for bacterial and fungal infections, tea tree oil for lice is not effective. Though there has been some evidence that suggests tea tree oil could battle head lice when combined with lavender oil, tea tree oil alone will not save you from a case of head lice. It can be tempting to try home remedies for the sake of convenience, but unfortunately, they usually leave us scratching our heads. If you are looking for a head lice solution you can trust, it is best to consult a head lice professional or ask a doctor.

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