Lice Happens; How You Can Get Rid of It and Move On

If you have a young child, then unfortunately you’re probably more than familiar with head lice. Head lice for school-age children is as common as the common cold. While there are no life threatening diseases that come from head lice, there are significant emotional and mental stresses that impact both the child and parent. Also, if left untreated, severe scratching can lead to open sores that can lead to infection. Head lice are more than just a headache to deal with, and if you take your child to a head lice removal center, it’s a significant life disruption you won’t have to deal with for long, thankfully. Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to rid your child of head lice and move on with your life.

Check and Confirm

The first thing you should do is check your child’s head and confirm they have head lice. Oftentimes dandruff or leftover hairspray can be confused with head lice. However, if your child is reaching to itch their head quite a bit and if you also see any creepy crawlers near the scalp, then it checks all the boxes and it’s more than likely head lice.

Let the Experts Check

Pull up Google and type in “professional head lice treatment near me.” Give us a call and book an appointment at our head lice treatment center in Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL or Savannah, GA. Our expert staff will confirm whether or not they do have head lice and the best treatment option for you.

Time for the Lice to be Removed

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal your child will walk in the door with head lice but will walk out completely head lice free. We have a variety of treatment options to remove head lice including a Traditional Comb Out and our AirAlle Treatment. With our FDA-cleared AirAlle Treatment it will only take up to 90 minutes to remove all head lice and nits. The greatest part is the AirAlle Treatment takes away all human error so no follow-up is required!

Go Home and Relax

When you search up “lice removal near me,” you’re doing yourself a giant favor. Your child will be rid of head lice, and you won’t have to worry about missing any eggs and having to redo the whole head lice removal process over again. Just bring your child into any one of our three locations: Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Savannah, GA. Once you walk out of our head lice treatment center you can go home, kick your feet up, and relax knowing head lice is a problem of the past.