Young girls modeling the best hairstyles to prevent head lice.

Stay Cute and Careful: Best Hairstyles to Prevent Lice

Head lice can happen when we least expect it, but little girls with longer hair are far more vulnerable to catching the unwelcomed critters. If lice have made their way throughout your daughter’s school or social circle, the hairstyle you choose for her can help keep her hair stylish, neat, and pest-free. Below is a list of hairstyle options that can help reduce the risk of catching head lice.

Ballet Bun. The sleek and classic ballet bun is ideal for little girls who have a high risk of exposure to head lice. The smooth and elegant appearance of this hairstyle allows you to control virtually all stray hair.

French Braid. For girls with shorter hair, you may want to consider a beautifully orchestrated French braid. The style is a gorgeous and classic solution for untamed hair or fly-away stands.

Headband Roll. Give her a simple touch of Hollywood charm with the headband roll hairstyle. This sweet and simple style gives the appearance of a classy updo without as much work or upkeep.

Messy Bun. The messy bun is a cute yet simple go-to-style. It is fresh and fashionable and better yet, keeps hair isolated. This hairstyle has been on trend for years and shows no signs of going out of style due to its versatility and compatibility with most hair lengths and hair types.

Head Lice Experts You Can Trust

Lice are unable to jump from one head to another. However, loose strands of hair are more susceptible to contracting lice. If a pesky infestation of head lice has found its way to your little ones, give us a call immediately. Fresh Heads is your one-stop shop for the diagnosis and treatment of head lice.

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