What To Do When Lice Come Back

What to Do When Lice Come Back

Head lice are notorious for afflicting preschool and elementary-school children and causing all kinds of discomfort. They primarily cause a tickling sensation of something moving in the hair. However, in worse cases, they cause serious itching and even sores on the scalp.

It is for this reason that parents seek various lice removal treatments or visit lice removal clinics regularly. Not only will this relieve their children of the symptoms of head lice infestation but also prevent further spread of the lice to other members in the family.

How to Know if Your Child Has a Head Lice Infestation

As a parent, you naturally want to protect your child from those pesky parasites. To help you out, here are some common signs and symptoms of head lice you must always be on the lookout for:

  • A tickling sensation of something moving in the hair
  • Itching on the scalp, neck, and ears (an allergic reaction to louse bites)
  • Sores on the scalp caused by scratching
  • Irritability

You can also look closely through your child’s hair and scalp for nits or lice eggs, as well as adult lice or nymphs. Finding nymphs may be difficult as they can move quickly away from searching fingers. However, it is easier to find nits as they are small, oval blobs attached to a strand of hair close to the scalp.

Why Do Lice Come Back?

There are two common reasons for the recurrence of lice infestation:

• Ineffective Treatment

If you tried to treat the lice with OTC lice shampoo, it’s important to know that those shampoos are no longer effective against the super lice of today. Using inadequate over-the-counter lice treatments will just prolong the problem, and since adult females can lay up to eight eggs a day, your problem will also worsen.

• Recurring Contact with Someone Who’s Infested

Another possible cause of recurrent lice is that your child came back into contact with an infested individual. Whether your child at home or the daycare or school, they may have head-to-head contact with different people throughout the day.

To address this recurring problem, it helps to identify who the source is. If you think that it is someone else in the family, it’s a smart move to have everyone checked for signs of infestation.

What to Do When Lice Come Back

If you think lice are coming back because of ineffective treatment, it’s high time that you seek professional lice treatment for your child. Book a trip to our head lice clinics for professional lice removal. If you think your problem is recurring due to contact with an infested family member or friend, you’re also in luck, because our clinic also provides head checks—so you can be sure to be sure to find the source! 

Professional Lice Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

If you are looking for a professional lice removal clinic in Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL or Savannah, GA for your little one, look no further than Fresh Heads Lice Removal! With our FDA-cleared medical device, we offer you a powerful treatment so you won’t need follow-ups or rechecks. Get the help you and your child deserve and book an appointment today!

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we’re determined to get rid of lice in schools across the US. We’ve partnered with the Lice Clinics of America to create the Schools Without Lice program which gives school nurses and teachers free screenings, resources, and treatments. Together, we can have schools without lice!

Woman administering AirAlle treatment--one of the fastest ways to get rid of head lice.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we understand that it can be difficult and trying when your child has lice. Fortunately, we believe that getting rid of head lice can be fast, effective and hassle-free. Our goal is to remove the frustration from lice treatment. For parents in the Florida or Georgia communities that we service (Jacksonville and Orlando, FL, and Savannah, GA) who are looking for lice treatment services, we wanted to take some time to explore more about how Fresh Heads Lice Removal works. This way, if and when they ever strike, you’ll know the fastest way to get rid of head lice!

The Fresh Heads Lice Removal Difference

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we are a worldwide leader in lice removal. Our science-based lice treatment center distinguishes itself with:

• Urgent Care: We strive to offer same-day or next-day appointment availability at our clinics, in order to get rid of lice as fast as possible.

• A Great Atmosphere Your Child Will Love: We are also committed to providing a safe, chemical-free, salon-like atmosphere for you and your family.

• Flexible Options: We also offer a variety of options and lice treatment solutions to suit every budget.

AirAllé®: The Safe, Effective, and Fastest Way to Get Rid of Head Lice

At Fresh Heads, our professional technicians and experts take a safe, effective, and affordable approach to lice treatment. We stop lice in their tracks using AirAllé®, a completely safe FDA cleared medical device, so that we can help your child return to life as normal as quickly as possible. AirAllé® kills lice and lice eggs through dehydration, and a single one-hour treatment kills head lice and 99.2% of lice eggs. Because the AirAllé® device is so effective at killing lice eggs (which are difficult for traditional lice products to kill), the chances of your child needing a follow-up treatment are very small (less than 1% re-treatment rate).

The Affordable Way to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we believe that getting rid of lice doesn’t have to be expensive. We offer a flat rate (no hidden or hourly charges) and a 45-day re-treatment guarantee, so that you can be confident that you are receiving the best value. We pride ourselves on being a lice service that your family can rely on for the safe diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of lice.

At Fresh Heads Lice Removal, we are committed to getting rid of head lice as fast as possible,  so your child can return to normal life right away. We help you select the most effective lice treatment option for your child, so that we can help get your child the relief they need at an affordable price. To learn more about our list of services and featured products, contact one of our Jacksonville, FL, Orlando, FL, or Savannah, GA Fresh Heads locations today!

Schools Without Lice.

Schools Without Lice

Our goal at Fresh Heads Lice Removal is to get rid of lice in schools nationwide. Our Schools Without Lice program, created in partnership with the Lice Clinics of America, supports nurses and teachers with free resources, screenings, and treatments. We’re taking another step towards lice-free schools!

How to Get Lice Out of Your House.

How to Get Lice Out of Your House

Few things in the life of a parent are as stressful as a lice infestation. Exhausted parents often clean their house from top to bottom and wonder why they can’t seem to rid their child of lice, and why the infestation seems to continue. Spending lots of time or money on deep housecleaning in order to avoid re-infestation is generally unnecessary because the secret to effective lice removal lies in the head, not the house.

Life Span of Lice on Bedding, Couches, and Pillows

According to The Centers for Disease Control, although it is technically possible to contract lice from bedding, couches, or pillows, it is highly unlikely. The person infested with lice would have to have been recently been in contact with those surfaces. Lice depend on blood and warmth from a human host to survive. Once they fall off of a child or household member, lice are unable to feed and live for only 1-2 days. Without the source of blood and warmth from a human scalp, survival is cut short as nits cannot hatch and usually die within a week.

Focus Your Efforts on the Affected Family Member

This means that once a louse leaves your child’s head, it’s timeline for survival decreases exponentially. So, while washing every single pillowcase and sheet in the house will certainly make you feel better, it’s important to narrow your cleaning efforts to the items that actually had contact with your child or other household members. The greater focus should be on treating your child’s scalp, as seeking treatment for lice removal means that all bugs and eggs (nits) are eliminated from the hair—eliminating the chances of re-infestation.

Beware Only Partially Treating the Problem

In order to effectively treat your child or household member, it’s also important to choose a treatment that will be effective. Some lice treatment medications may not have an ovicidal effect—meaning they might not kill the lice eggs. If you’re using medicines that are only slightly- or non-ovicidal, that means you’ll end up retreating. To be most effective, the CDC recommends that all lice and eggs are killed or removed.

Trust the Fresh Heads Team for Treatment of Head Lice and Lice Eggs

At Fresh Heads, we are committed to safely removing head lice and lice eggs so your child can return to normal life as quickly as possible. We are an exclusive provider of the innovative AirAlle Head Lice Machine, an FDA-cleared medical device that dehydrates and kills both eggs and lice in one treatment. If you are looking for a safe, chemical-free way to treat head lice, contact us today.

Mobile Lice Treatments - What they Don’t Tell You

Mobile Lice Treatments – What they Don’t Tell You

Bringing someone into your home to treat your family for a lice infestation may sound like a convenient choice. But there is a lot to consider before calling a mobile lice treatment service. Let’s lay down the facts regarding the differences between professional head lice treatment clinics and mobile services.

Treating More People

When your entire family is infested with lice, time is a big factor in the price for at-home services. Mobile treatments are notorious for charging by the hour for a single head lice technician. When coming into a head lice clinic your entire family can easily be treated at once by multiple technicians, saving you time and money!

The FDA-Cleared AirAllé Device

Simply put, our exclusive, FDA-cleared AirAllé devices are superior to all other head lice removal methods. The treatment is fast, safe, effective, and there are never any pesticides or toxins used.

In-home mobile lice treatments notably use OTC head lice treatments that pose real health risks and require follow up treatments. The AirAllé process is a single treatment that takes about 90 minutes. No follow up necessary. All Fresh Head’s salon chairs are selected with your comfort in mind during our professional treatments. At-home treatments, with their oils and shampoos, are performed in your own personal furniture in your house… Do you really want to be sitting on your own furniture while having lice removed?

The Head Lice Treatment Clinic Advantage

At Fresh Heads Head Lice Removal clinics we provide the highest quality lice removal services to our clients. Our clinics are stocked, well-lit and provide multiple treatment options performed by trained technicians. It is essential that the treatment environment is conducive to both the head lice technicians and the clients. Every Fresh Heads client can relax knowing they are receiving the highest level of care and never have to worry about cleaning up.

Mobile lice treatments have to navigate through traffic, making their appointment times hard to guarantee. They are working with a limited number of supplies and a smaller team (if they aren’t going solo). Aside from this, the lighting in your home might not be the best to see all of the louses and nits, and you might not have the space and seating needed.

Our Trained Technicians Aren’t Rushed

Because there’s an ample supply of materials and technicians, a technician in a clinic will not be rushed, they will be equipped and not rushed. This means they can go through the proper steps ensuring lice removal is complete.

Mobile service providers balance multiple clients, bouncing from one house to the next trying to make it to appointments on time. This increases the chance of slip-ups from feeling rushed.

The Salon Difference Matters

Mobile treatments and head lice clinics are an entirely different experience. At Fresh Heads Lice Removal Centers we offer the most effective head lice treatment available in a clean, comfortable environment with fixed prices, no follow up treatments necessary, and a 45-day guarantee. We also have unique offers like our lifetime protection plan. We take lice removal seriously! There’s no mess in your home, you can set appointments around your schedule (no more hoping someone shows up on time and gets the job done quickly!), there are no surprise expenses, and there is absolutely no follow up necessary.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our 4 convenient locations and experience the difference at Fresh Heads.

Children Jumping

Can head lice jump?

Everyone has probably asked the common question: “Can head lice jump?” Whether you are worried about catching head lice or a parent fretting that your kids might get an infestation from a schoolmate. Let’s put these concerns to rest through facts – and know when powerful lice removal is necessary.

Head Lice Contact

No, head lice do not jump from one person to another. Instead, they spread from head to head contact – this is the primary way lice spread to new hosts. So, these include vectors such as kids playing with lice-infested children, or an adult dozing off in a bus and brushing against someone else with head lice.

Contracting Lice from Objects

Wearing hats and clothing used by people who have lice is relatively low-risk.  According to the CDC, it’s uncommon to catch lice by wearing clothing, hats and other attire worn by someone with an infestation. The same goes for combs, brushes, and towels. Even beds, carpets, pillows and couches are also low-risk. It is best not to share such items, but it is not a major risk. These items can be disinfected to eliminate all risk. Combs and brushes can be soaked in hot water for 5-10 minutes. Clothing can also be machine washed with hot water and high heat drying cycle.

Popular Myths

Jumping head lice is a common myth. The very anatomy of head lice is optimized for crawling and sticking to hair, not leaping around and lunging over great distances like grasshoppers. So, in short:

  • Lice need to travel from one person’s hair to another.
  • They don’t care if someone’s hair is long or short, clean or dirty – It’s all fair game.
  • You cannot catch lice from animals.
  • When head lice detached from the hair and scalp, they can only live for up to 24 hours before they die.
  • Lice and their eggs can withstand strong dye treatments.
  • Home remedies may not be the most powerful lice removal methods or the most effective.

Hopefully, this information will help lessen unnecessary fears and help guide you towards more accurate assessments based on actual facts. After all, mistaken conclusions might lead to unnecessary treatments – which cost money and can result in unneeded exposure to powerful chemicals or medication. Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of children. When in doubt, consult a lice professional.

When Powerful Lice Removal is Necessary  

If you suspect you have an infestation or worried about someone you care for, then contact Fresh Heads Lice Removal. We have various powerful lice removal methods, which are highly effective yet don’t depend on potentially toxic chemicals. We guarantee a thorough job in detecting and eliminating the parasites. Schedule an appointment today so we can get your scalp and hair cleaned up in no time!

hair dye being applied to kill head lice

Does Hair Dye Kill Head Lice?

Does getting your hair dyed count as head lice treatment? We get this question from a lot of people who come our lice treatment centers. After all, when you’re getting your hair dyed, you can smell the strong scent of the hair-coloring chemicals and even feel it on your scalp. It’s powerful stuff. Could lice survive that kind of bombardment? It seems like just the thing that’d wipe them out, but is it actually effective?

Can Hair Dye Kill lice?

There have been no tests on hair dyes to check their effectiveness in killing head lice. One thing that’s certain is that they cannot treat or prevent a head lice infestation for one very simple reason…

Hair Dyes Don’t Kill Lice Eggs (Nits)

Even if head lice were proven to be able to kill head lice, their eggs are another thing entirely. Laid at the base of hair shafts against the scalp, there is a protective encasing around lice eggs. They are incredibly resilient and hard to kill, even with chemical head lice treatments.

Even if all the adult lice are gone, the eggs will just hatch and spawn a new generation of crawlers. Female lice lay up to six eggs every day for about 30 days. If you kill one after four days, that’s 24 eggs waiting to hatch that the hair dye has no effect on. Not even medicated shampoos that kill adult lice can kill eggs. They require more thorough treatments.

Strong Hair Dyes Are Dangerous for Kids

Another important thing to consider is that, while kids are prone to having head lice, they’re also too young for hair dyes with powerful chemicals. In an article for Today, pediatric dermatologist Dr. Tace Rico says the strong chemicals found in some hair dyes, such as ammonia, bleach and hydrogen peroxide can damage kids hair which tends to be very fine. Parents should also be wary of allergic skin reactions and have the kids undergo spot tests before treatment. Save the stronger dyes until the kids are at least 16, Rico added.

Come to Fresh Heads for the Most Effective Head Lice Treatment

Hair dyes won’t kill eggs and prevent head lice reinfestation. Not only that, but the harshest dyes are not suitable for kids who are most at risk of head lice infestations in the first place!

For adults who want a new look, go ahead – lice or no lice! But in order to actually eliminate head lice and their eggs, and for all cases of lice involving children, it’s best to seek a specialized treatment that’s thorough, safe, non-toxic and effective. That’s what we’re here for. Contact Fresh Heads Head Lice Removal Center today to schedule an appointment for our completely natural, chemical-free head lice treatment. It’s proven effective at killing lice and their eggs in a single treatment.

How To Comb Out Head Lice at Home

Fresh Heads lead technician, Theresa, shows you how to comb out head lice at home with a Nit Free Terminator Comb!

risky chemical head lice removal products

The Real Risks of Head Lice

It’s natural for parents to be concerned when their child has head lice. They are itchy, bothersome and can be difficult to get rid of. However, the bugs themselves don’t pose too much of a health risk. Chemicals found in common head lice removal treatments are the real risk of lice, sold at your local drug store. Here’s what you need to know about toxic over-the-counter treatments before you treat your child for head lice.

OTC Head Lice Treatments Pose Real Health Risk

Research has been clear—pesticide style head lice treatments of yesterday are hazardous to your child’s health. They typically contain dangerous synthetic chemicals called pyrethroids. One recent study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that exposure to certain pyrethroids at environmental levels may negatively affect neurobehavioral development by the age of six.

The chemicals most commonly found in OTC lice treatment products are permethrin and lindane. Both chemicals have been proven to be toxic. Here’s more information about these two disturbing ingredients and some of their alarming side effects.

Permethrin is a neurotoxin that is found in many insecticides, including Raid. It’s also the key ingredient in numerous head lice removal treatments. It’s known to be carcinogenic and can cause serious side effects such as:

  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Skin irritation burning
  • Scalp irritation or burning
  • May affect the reproductive system
  • Nervous system symptoms such as excitability and convulsions
  • Allergic reaction

Lindane is a dangerous chemical that attacks the nervous system. Known to cause cancer. And it’s found in OTC head lice removal products. The FDA has recommended using extreme caution when using lindane on anyone under 110 pounds—which would include most school-aged children.

When used to treat lice, it’s easily absorbed through the scalp, which makes it even more troubling. The World Health Organization has even reclassified lindane from being a “possible carcinogenic” to “known to cause human cancer.” Lindane can cause serious side effects such as:

  • Stinging, burning and itching of the skin
  • Rashes
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Uncontrollable bodily shaking
  • Allergic reaction

Don’t Risk It. Choose Fresh Heads Lice Treatment Centers.

When the risk of head lice removal is worse than the head lice itself, what’s a parent to do? Simple. Choose a nontoxic treatment option like those offered at Fresh Heads. Not only are our treatments safe, they’re also far more effective since head lice have built up a resistance to old-school pesticide-based treatments.

Our signature treatment—AirAllé—was specifically designed to dehydrate lice and their eggs with warm, heated air. It’s FDA-cleared and has been proven to be safe and effective at killing lice and their eggs—it’s rate of efficacy is 99.2%! That’s a much higher rate than OTC head lice removal products. With AirAllé, we can safely and comfortably treat your child for head lice in about an hour. It’s fast, easy and so effective. It’s backed by our 45-day retreatment policy.

If your child comes home with head lice, call Fresh Heads for no-risk treatment you can trust.

young boy in airplane seat

Up in the Air: Head Lice on Airplanes

Dealing with head lice can be a major headache for the entire family. According to Savannah head lice removal company Fresh Heads, head lice are relatively harmless. But they can be a hassle to get rid of and may even put a kink in your plans.

One family found this out the hard way. Clay Travis, his wife and their three children were returning home from Paris on a Delta Air Lines flight. Instead of making it home to Nashville as planned, they were in for quite a rude awakening. The crew suspected that their six-year-old son had head lice, and they made a rather extreme decision.

The Delta staff decided to abruptly reroute the flight, landing in Minneapolis. They then had the entire Travis family quarantined on the plane by airline staff. The family was examined and it was confirmed that their son had lice. They were prohibited from boarding another Delta flight until he received head lice treatment.

The airline’s response to this situation has been widely criticized, and it does seem a bit extreme. It’s also troubling that Delta Air Lines doesn’t appear to have a clear policy on passengers with head lice to have guided their decision. They say they were looking out for the safety of their passengers and crew. (Here’s where it’s good to remember that head lice are pesky critters, but they are generally harmless.) While it is technically possible to contract head lice from an airline seat, the risk is overall quite low.

One thing the family may have learned is that they shouldn’t have depended on over-the-counter head lice treatments. Travis admitted that since his sister’s children had recently had lice, he treated his kids with “all of the over-the-counter remedies out there” before departing for their vacation. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite do the trick.

Natural Head Lice Removal

Natural, chemical-free head lice treatment is always the best option. Not only are over-the-counter head lice remedies less effective, they are also extremely toxic and hazardous to your family’s health. Savannah head lice removal center Fresh Heads prides itself on offering strictly non-toxic head lice treatments.

Fresh Heads is the exclusive provider of the revolutionary AirAllé Head Lice Machine. The AirAllé offers lice treatment in a single, comfortable session. It’s far safer and has the highest efficacy rating of any lice treatment on the market. The 3-step process includes:

  • 30 minutes treatment with FDA-cleared AirAllé® machine, a heated-air device used to immediately dehydrate and kill lice and their eggs (nits)
  • A full comb-out to remove all dead head lice and eggs
  • A soothing topical rinse application

Fresh Heads also offers traditional comb-outs and a complete range of all-natural products, including DIY treatment kits and preventative care. For safe and effective head lice removal in the Savannah, Jacksonville or Orlando areas, you can count on Fresh Heads to keep the hardship out of head lice. Call us today schedule an appointment or to learn more about our treatments and products.

girls hugging

Why Do Kids Get Lice More than Adults?

It’s probably safe to say that most of us sailed through our early adult years never giving head lice much thought. It wasn’t until children entered the picture that we were abruptly reminded of these persistent parasites. It seems like head lice and school children go hand-in-hand. But do kids really get head lice more than adults? Savannah head lice treatment center Fresh Heads has the answer!

What are Head Lice and How Do They Spread?

Head lice are human parasites that live on the scalp and feed off human blood. They don’t pose any major health threat, though they can cause extreme itching and irritation. They can cause redness, bumps and sores from scratching.

Head lice do not jump or fly. They move by crawling from one host to another. They also can be spread by sharing personal items that they’ve crawled onto, such as hair brushes and hats. However, since lice can only live 1 to 2 days without human blood, they can’t survive on these items for long.

Why Do Kids Get Head Lice More than Adults?

The answer is pretty straightforward. It’s not that the pesky critters prefer children’s blood to adult’s. It’s the simple fact that kids are in closer contact with one another on a daily basis.

Young kids don’t have much regard for personal space. Because of this they frequently commit the number one lice spreading no-no: head to head contact. They could be cozying up during story time, hugging their best pal or huddling together at a sleepover. There’s a lot of that head to head contact going on regularly, which head lice thrive on. It’s also worth noting that girls are more likely to get head lice because the pests can more easily climb onto their long hair.

Another fact is that children share and swap personal items without giving it without a second thought. They may try on each other’s hats, borrow hair accessories, exchange ear buds or share a pillow at a slumber party. Girls adore brushing, styling and braiding each other’s hair—all while using the same brush. Sharing these items could potentially spread lice if they’ve been exposed in the past 24 to 48 hours.

Treating Lice Safely & Effectively

If your child comes home with lice, the sooner you treat it, the easier your life will be. Just steer clear of harsh OTC chemical treatments that you might find at your local drug store. Their ingredients are toxic and have been shown to cause health issues such as behavioral problems in kids. Plus, they don’t work.

For safe lice treatment you can trust, visit our Savannah lice treatment center. Our signature AirAllé treatment is chemical-free and FDA-cleared, using hot air to stop lice in their tracks. We also carry an extensive line of all-natural, great-smelling hair care products, including preventative products. With 4 convenient locations located in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Orlando, and Savannah, there is a Fresh Heads near you! Call us today at (912) 988-4099.