Keep the Fun in Halloween by Keeping the Head Lice Away!

halloween-pumpkinWith Halloween right around the corner and little ones enjoying dressing up in costume, masks and wigs and such, we thought it the opportune time to remind our readers how lice are spread and some tips for preventing lice transmission so your kids can enjoy this fun time of year lice free.

How Lice Are Spread

Lice are almost always caught by another person, usually children.  This can be from head-to-head contact like when sharing a bed or playing in close proximity.

Busting the Myth About Shared Items

Contrary to popular misconceptions, lice are typically not spread by sharing items.   Head lice must feed on human blood in order to survive. An adult head louse will die within 24 to 48 hours of being off a human head. Nymphs can only live for several hours without feeding. Nits must be kept warm by the scalp, and are therefore not viable when off of a human head.

For all of these reasons, it is not very likely that lice will spread by way of inanimate objects. However, it is not impossible, and therefore basic cleaning of bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, hairbrushes, stuffed animals, hair ties, and clothing should be done whenever head lice are found in the home.

Can Lice Jump From One Person to Another?

No.  Because lice cannot jump or fly, they crawl from one person to another, using their claws to grab onto hair.   Head lice can’t survive more than a day or so without a meal of blood so those “on the loose” will soon die off.

How to Prevent the Spread of Lice

Keeping your head away from other heads is your best chance at not getting infested. If you have long hair, putting it in a bun or braid will help.

Because 50 percent of the time people get infested with other family members, make sure everyone in your family gets checked (and if necessary, treated) when any family member has lice.  There are lice repellant products on the market that contain essential oils that lice don’t like to smell. In vitro tests show lice will stay away from essential oils used in those products.

Can I Get Lice From My Pet?

No. Lice do not live on animals.  Pets play no role in the spread of head lice.

If There’s an Outbreak

  • If you know of an outbreak in the area, avoid sleepovers and slumber parties until the outbreak clears up.
  • Machine wash and dry, at high temperatures, any bedding, and clothing used by anyone having lice.
  • Call Fresh Heads in the Jacksonville, Orlando and Savannah areas for head checks and if needed, speedy and efficient removal of all lice and nits.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a happy and head-lice free Halloween!

hair dye being applied to kill head lice

Do Pesticides Kill Head Lice?

Sorry!  Head Lice have become incredibly resistant to over-the-counter pesticides and prescription pesticides.  In November 2013, Fresh Heads Lice Removal participated in a nationwide study led by scientists at the University of Massachusetts.  The study wanted to gauge just how resistant head lice are to these pesticides.  The results were astounding and clear:  Every single bug that Fresh Heads Lice Removal sent for the study (and we sent hundreds!) was completely resistant to over-the-counter pesticides.  Even prescription pesticides are largely ineffective, particularly on the nits.  Further, these treatments are toxic and can be very expensive.

Proven Natural Choices For Lice Removal

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Methods and Products are Proven Natural Choices

Over the years, people have used a variety of methods to treat head lice infestations. Most of the treatments have been pesticide-based products. Permethrin(1%) or pyrethrin products are sold over-the-counter. Permethrin(5%), malathion(0.5%0) and lindane(1%) products are sold by prescription only. As pesticide resistance and superbugs grow, the dangers of using chemical head lice treatments are being examined. Researchers are finding that reliance on the harmful pesticides leads to repeated use and ongoing infestations.

Repeat use of toxic pesticide-based products can have traumatic effects. The eyes and skin can be affected. Allergies can be aggravated. On persons whose immune systems are already weak, including those with epilepsy, brain tumors, asthma, cancer, or AIDS, the effects can be life-threatening. Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid the use of pesticide-based products.

It is evident that there is a tremendous need for non-toxic treatments that are both safe and effective.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center is at the forefront in the use of non-toxic head lice removal and prevention methods and remedies.

• Our FDA-cleared AirAllé™ device uses no suffocation products, pesticides, lice combs, or herbal lice remedies. The AirAllé™ uses large amounts of rapidly blown dry, heated air to dehydrate, dry out, and, as a result, to kill lice and eggs.
• Our clinically proven Peppermint and Tea-Tree Louse Away Shampoo are 78% organic. Our clinically proven Louse Away Conditioning Spray is a 95% organic leave-in conditioning spray. Louse Away products are infused with natural essential oils famous for their anti-insect properties. They are sulfate-free.
• Our Lice-Sense Lice Killer exterminates lice in seconds. The silicone-based product is non-toxic and works by suffocating the lice. Our enzyme-rich Lice-Sense Combing Solution breaks down the stubborn glue that binds nits to hair. Spray, wait 20 minutes and comb out the nits.

For more information about Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center, our services, and our products, please contact us at (904) 863-5022. Visit the Larada Science website at for more information on the AirAllé™ device.


Reasons to Go With a Head Lice Pro

A dreaded outbreak of head lice brings with it the need to make an important decision about treatment.  When all is said and done, there are two choices for lice removal treatment: do it yourself or go with a professional like Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center.  There are some very impressive reasons for choosing professional head lice removal treatment.

Many people are under the impression that the do-it-yourself route to treating head lice is the most cost-effective choice.  In most cases, this choice of head lice treatment is actually more expensive than the cost of using a professional service.  Over a three to six month period, a person with head lice may have to have five to seven lice removal treatments.  Over time, the cost of prescription, non-prescription, and home-remedy products, combs, laundry products, and home-cleaning products that are used for is extremely high.

Choosing the professionals at Fresh Head Head Lice Treatment Center for head lice removal treatment may be a little more expensive in the short-run, but in the long run, it proves to be less expensive than the multiple head lice removal treatments that are needed when you do it yourself.  Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center professionals can get things under control quickly and effectively.  Our one-treatment complete head lice removal process can be done discreetly at our Treatment Center or in the privacy of your home.  And when we are finished, you are completely head-lice free.

Do-it-yourselfers usually rely on over-the-counter pesticide treatments that are becoming increasingly useless in the treatment of resistant head lice.  Over-the-counter products do not come with a professional grade nit comb.  They do not include adequate instructions on how to use the product and the comb.

Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center uses non-toxic, pesticide-free products and treatments.  As such, head lice do not become resistant. Professional head lice removal companies have effective tools for treating head lice.  Most important to successful head lice treatment and prevention are the education that the professionals provide to their clients.  Fresh Heads Head Lice Treatment Center professionals know all there is to know about products, treatment methods, and the follow-up steps needed to prevent another outbreak.

When it comes right down to making that all-important decision about head lice removal treatment, the better choice is to choose the professional staff at Fresh Head Head Lice Treatment Center.  We are trained and knowledgeable.  It is our desire to provide you with a stress-reducing, cost-effective experience when we provide our thorough head lice removal treatment.  You’ll be glad you chose Fresh Heads!

Holy Outbreaks!

Yes, its true. We are very busy at Fresh Heads. Last week we did more treatments than we sometimes do in a month. And while we specialize in amazing head lice treatments, we also offer hope for the do it yourself-er. Is that you??? Most parents, facing a head lice problem will run straight to the University of Google. Let me save you some time…If you would like to try and tackle the problem yourself, the first thing you need to know is that over the counter pesticides do not work. You are more than welcome to call your pediatrician, and IF they will agree to prescribe you a stronger pesticide (many won’t hear of it), you need to know that you will probably spend more getting that prescription filled than you would of you were coming into Fresh Heads and getting a pesticide-free treatment that comes with a 30-day guarantee. So that doesn’t make much sense now does it? This leaves good old-fashioned home remedies, ahhhhhh mayonnaise anyone??? If you try and douse your child with mayo, not only will you still have lice, you will also have a child with resentments. The simple fact is, if you are going to do it yourself, you must be ready to do the work. YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD COMB! Oh please, oh please, oh please, toss that worthless comb you got at Walgreens (How can they even sell this stuff??). What you need is a Terminator Comb, sold at Fresh Heads for $15. It will change your life. Secondly, you need an all natural enzyme solution that will help loosen the glue that covers those dang nits. You will not be lice free until you are nit free, so get the right tools. Fresh Heads offers a fantastic combing solution, $15 for an 8oz bottle. Lastly, lets suffocate those suckers! Fresh Heads has the most amazing, no seriously, AMAZING silicone oil solution that kills those disgusting little creatures in seconds. The oil is specifically blended for lice killing, and literally stops them in their tracks. You can do it, you don’t have to (because we are really good at it), but you can if you want to. Just please, for your own sanity, get the right tools! We can even give you a quick combing tutorial, it’s all in the wrist!!!