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Super Lice

Is “Super Lice” Real?
New research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, a publication of the Entomological Society of America, shows that lice are becoming increasingly difficult to remove. That’s thanks to a new strain of lice that is resistant to traditional treatments. In fact, this new strain of “super lice” is spreading more quickly than health experts had initially feared.

How Did These Lice Become “Super”?
According to the Journal of Medical Entomology, when over-the-counter treatments aren’t used correctly, or maybe not enough product is used to treat the lice, some lice become resistant. Another scenario is that some treatments may not be left on for the required amount of time, and the lice can not only survive, but they can also grow stronger. These stronger lice then get passed from kid to kid; and over time, they become completely resistant to chemical treatments of any kind.

Super Lice Study Conducted by the University of Massachusetts:
To address concerns about “super lice”, the University of Massachusetts conducted a study to examine the effectiveness of traditional chemical treatment for lice removal. Dr. John Clark and his team collected samples from all over the United States, including samples from Fresh Heads Lice Removal Salon in Jacksonville, FL and found all lice populations to be 100% resistant (saturation of resistant alleles) for all three mutations, MI/TI/LF. The preliminary results suggested that the resistance to “super lice” has spread across the USA, and is at saturating levels (in other words, nearly all lice are resistant to traditional chemical treatments, both prescribed and/or over-the-counter).

One of the goals of the study was to identify the geographical distribution of these resistance frequencies. Thus far, specifically, they found resistance saturation levels in Florida, Texas, New York, California, and Minnesota. They stated they expect to find it in many other states, in addition to those noted above. Approximately 100% of the lice provided by Fresh Heads Lice Removal were found to be resistant to any type of chemical treatment; thus making treatments by the Revolutionary AirAllé™ Head Lice Machine to be the only available chemical-free, single-treatment option that comes with a 100% guarantee.

Treatment by the Revolutionary AirAllé™ Head Lice Machine 100% Guaranteed:
So what should you do if your child comes home with lice? Don’t panic! Super or not, Fresh Heads Lice Removal is a Science-Based Lice Removal Company that is 100% equipped to deal with Super Lice! Fresh Heads is the Exclusive Provider of the Revolutionary AirAllé™ Head Lice Machine, which provides a single treatment that does not require follow up visits or rechecks. Clinical studies have shown that the AirAllé™ device, which uses only controlled heated air (no chemicals), provides a very safe, fast and highly effective way to kill all stages of head lice, lice eggs, and “Super Lice.”


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