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How Do I Know If My Child Has Lice?

Head lice are amazingly inconspicuous in your child’s hair and can be very hard to spot or detect. Itching can be one of the first signs of head lice unless your child has a very light case. If your child has an itchy scalp or has been exposed to another child with lice, it’s best to check your child’s head and scalp, and especially behind the ears and near the neckline. Your experts at Fresh Heads Lice Removal are happy to help you discern whether or not your child has lice.

Can I See Lice on the Scalp?
You may be able to see the lice, but they are difficult to distinguish. However, more visible are the tiny white nits (or eggs) that are found on the hair shaft, about one-eighth inch from the scalp. Nits are dark brown in color, only turning clear and sometimes white when they have already hatched. They can appear further down the hair shaft when older, as they are cemented to the hair with a glue when laid. This glue is very strong, and the nits remain on the hair even after they have hatched…so basically, it is a common misconception that nits are white. They are typically either dark brown, or sometimes clear, and feel like a hard speed bump on the hair. They are difficult to detach them from the hair without the use of a special, fine-toothed nit comb (such as the Terminator Comb from Fresh Heads Lice Removal). This high-quality metal comb features ultra-close prongs that provide the single most effective weapon against nit removal.

Check for Nits and Lice:
You may see the nits (or eggs) even if you don’t see any lice. Did you know that a single louse can lay up to 150 eggs? That’s a lot of nits, so keep your eye out for their small white eggs that resemble dandruff. Check the “nape” (back of the neck close to the neckline of the scalp) of the neck and behind the ears first, as this is where lice are commonly found. However, nits and lice can live anywhere on the scalp, so be sure to check all over the entire head. If you find any sign of nits or lice, call Fresh Heads Lice Removal for immediate assistance!

Perform Routine Checks of Your Child’s Hair:
Even if your child does not have lice, it’s important to regularly look closely at your child’s head, and comb through hair while it’s wet, using a fine-toothed nit comb. Good hygiene is not an indicator that a child will or will not get lice. Preventative care and early detection are key in keeping lice out of your hair! If your child has been exposed to another child with lice, he or she is likely to contract lice. If there has been an outbreak at your child’s school, you need to check your child’s hair and scalp immediately; the sooner you find the lice and/or nits, the sooner you can treat and combat the lice!

Call Fresh Heads Lice Removal for more information about lice removal, live prevention, and what to do if your child has lice.

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